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Did You Like This?

November 08th, 2017

Des Boodram



We are officially half way through the NFL season and this contest, and I’m shocked to see how many people are straight up quitting a contest that’s designed to specifically keep its competitors in the game even if they have multiple bad weeks in a row. 

There are weekly incentives too, so why not take a shot at the prize.  The swings are enormous and you can get hot almost as easily as you get cold, and you never know what’s going to happen… just ask the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s Super Bowl… that’s why you play the game.  But there’s massive shrinkage going on and many who can claim to have once been in the pool, can no longer make that claim, and that’s why I’m here to talk about what you have going on.

The week was a good one, namely in part because everyone was given a freebie in the Houston at Indianapolis game that started out at HOU -13 due in large part to DeShaun Watson playing QB.  Once he injured himself the line quickly moved to -7 with the initial line still holding in the WSOH contest. 

After Watson went out it was obvious that Indy was going to cover, and could potentially win outright, after all the Colts had home field advantage and the better QB.  The top three in total points this week all had IND with a confidence level of seven, and this is not coincidence.  This game was both the most played game in the WSOH contest, as well as the highest confidence point yield as well. 

Props to Xfirejects who is a WSOH member on a perfect week.  Feel free to spend it all in one place.  RyanBreon and znolden finished tied for 2nd with a 5-2 record and 21.70 points, while Romoney1977 rounded out the top 4 with a 6-0-1 record.  Week ranked teams from 5 through 11 all chose to go with game results exclusively rather than take a shot at any over/unders.  This doesn’t provide any definitive data as much as it tells you that the general public is much more comfortable predicting outcomes rather than point totals. 

I will always advocate for going with your gut with both options.  See the mark and take it down, and don’t look back… there’s no right or wrong… except for those of you who didn’t choose IND to cover… that was wrong.

 If you are reading this there are two things — one you are still very alive in this contest… two, you will be looking up at Romoney1977 who had another solid week and is your current leader with sixteen points between them and the number two man KdubbNM.  

The field has to go now… this week … if they want to keep pace.  The leaders on these pools have the tendency to over think things as they shift their focus from making picks to actually getting caught.  Many people can’t handle it, which further solidifies the notion that it’s more difficult to chase the lead than keep the lead.  Either way, their current run is impressive, but likely not sustainable. 

Go get em — have a great week gamers and remember, many of our contest players are members of the Royal Vegas online Casino.