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WSOH WEEK 8 RECAP:   Welcome To The Big Time

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Des Boodram



Week eight represented a good amount of separation at all levels of this contest, but also we have half a season’s worth of data which is invaluable.   Several teams have established themselves as legit contenders including the Seahawks, Steelers, Eagles and Chiefs.  Players have switched teams, injuries are setting in, and now all off us collectively have access to solid information that will shape the decisions we make as Week 9 approaches.  In the contest, there are some baffling numbers, but so to have a handful of leaders separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  The pack however is quite sizable, and the season which still has nine weeks remaining affords plenty of opportunity for a half a dozen mediocres to get hot and make a run.  The pressure is clearly on the 95th percentile to keep up their pace.  Getting to the top is great, but staying at the top in a tournament like this will cement your legacy in the WSOH archives forever. 


Props to current WSOH member Godfather0272 for a perfect week.  The proud winner of $50 for finishing with a record of 7-0 picked 7 outcomes against the spread correctly and also shot up the overall standings as well.  All of their picks were par for the course aside from the NE to cover pick when all the experts claimed the L.A. Chargers would cover this one easily.  New England was minus -7.5 and won by eight, so they covered and that’s all you need to know.  A boatload of participants finished with a 6-1 record leading me to conclude that this was one of the easier weeks to call.  Unit assignment becomes key, especially with so many people all locked up at 6-1.  Yours truly aka boxscoreprophet managed to pull the third best score of the week ONLY because the one I got wrong had a lower amount of confidence units assigned to it.  I still can’t believe the DEN/KC didn’t hit the under.


KdubbNM currently sits a top of the standings with a whopping 39-15-2 record slightly out pacing Romoney1977 who has a 35-19-2 record.  KdubbNM holds a tidy 8.5 point lead which we all know can dissolve in a week.  It still is crazy how that works, the ups and downs, this game can be cruel.  Don’t believe me look at boxscoreprophet who has a 27-27-2 record for a total of -3.40 points.  Even Steven to say the least and certainly room for improvement.  Then I look at BBSGuru who has a 32-21-3 but is lower down in the standings with a -4.10 score.  This is a crazy stat line, for a person who has been so successful at making overall picks, but only has a negative score to show for it.  Gotta get those confidence picks, which BBSGuru is not.  Crazy to think that if they just flipped their units they would be in the top five.  In the meantime KdubbNM, remains the one to catch with Romoney1977 close behind.  See you at the end of the week gamers.