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Des Boodram



Before we recognize the week 3 top scorers, and overall leaders, let me dig deep into the cockles of my heart to offer a bit of encouragement as the majority of us are all a little beat right now.  We all suffered some bad beats, well most of us anyways, and we were all were blown out of some games as well.  I want to tell you that it’s ok… this contest in difficult and requires you to be on your game week in and week out.  You can actually finish with a winning record and still lose points.  What’s more deflating than that.  It’s so hard finishing above .500 on a given week, but when you botch the assignment of confidence value it is so deflating…. Excuse the hyperbole. 

In an effort to put the wind back in your sail try to think about what you learned, go back to the drawing board and make the necessary adjustments.  I still need some work on my over/under game even if I did finish 1/1 on those games.  I learned that you couldn’t trust a logistically disjointed team (Baltimore/Miami) when you haven’t seen them go through diversity.  Neither the Dolphins nor the Ravens had not faced adversity a single time this season, and both teams crumbled.  Heck the Dolphins had only played one game.  Regardless its positivity Tuesday until next Sundays slate smacks us upside the head. 


Mad props go to Stardust Bum who finished with a contest high 25.90 points and 6-1 record.  Madcow1120   also finished with a 6-1 record but confidence point’s photo bombed their great week and put a blemish on the record.  Skynet finished 5-2, but was 2nd in total points with Madcow1120 despite a worse record.  #ConfidencePoints.  The top 4 total point scorers are all WSOH members, which begs the question… why are you NOT a member yet?  I can’t get over how savvy these competitors are with their over/under picks.  This is a high-risk strategy to me, but clearly some people get it. 


The point breaks are usually between 40-50, which can be a blur if you’re not willing to sit down and analyze each game.  Stardust Bum had a whopping 5 over/under games selected while picking both BUF and NYJ to cover and cover they did winning out right.  Props to all the top finishers this week.


Faolchu and ElroySports are separated by only one point in the OVERALL standings but both took remarkably different paths to get there.   Both finished with identical records in the standings at 4-2-1 after week 3, but ElroySports selected 5 over under games and only two straight up games, and I don’t need to tell you that his two losses this week were the two games (NYJ,  OAK) while he went 4-0-1 with their O/U picks.  Back to the drawing board for me.  Faolchu went the other route on selecting  only one O/U pick and the rest game outcomes.  Neither entrant into the WSOH has an identifiable rhyme or pattern as to why they bet the way they do and I don’t expect them to divulge.  Our response needs to be “back to the drawing board” .

Consensus Picks breakdown coming at the end of the week.  In the meantime Good Luck Gamers.


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