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Did You Like This?

November 22nd, 2017

Des Boodram



Depression is no joke, but it’s no wonder there are so many walking around in shame and sadness after Week 11’s World Series of Handicapping results.  The field struggled mightily with no players finishing with a perfect week and a tied record low participants finishing 6-1.  What happened people???? We just talked about this… there is no comfort in this contest, and there is no week where we can take our foot off the gas.  If you’re licking your wounds like me, the last thing you need is to be brow beaten about how badly you blew it.  Though it doesn’t get much worse than 1-6, thank you Legion of Boom, Brock Osweiler, Alex Smith and Jordy Nelson, there are several former leaders like Romoney1977 and KdubbNM who absolutely butchered it this week too.  We live to see another day.


This week’s big dog is bighurtx who finished with a 6-1 record and 25.90 points.  They made a major move but still find themselves looking up in the standings.  Other past weekly leaders like Elroysports and Jive Turkey also had much needed positive outputs, which further narrows the gap between the leader and the field.  The cash cow game was easily Philadelphia covering on the road against Dallas.  The top three week 11 finishers all had the Eagles as their top pick and seven of the top 10 weekly leaders had the Eagles as well.  The field also loved and played New England at Oakland.  Bill Belichick has no reaction to this.


Despite horrible week 11 prognostications by both KdubbNM and Romoney1977 they find themselves inside the top three overall, which is absolutely amazing.  We’ve already established that the point deltas between participants are negligible because of how quickly they can be wiped out week to week.  Elroysports also made an Ali like return to the ring coming in at 6th place overall.  Speaking of making moves congrats to the current leader Allredb1 who had a pretty normal week, but stayed consistent enough to straight arm the competition … for this week at least.


There were noticeably more OVER/UNDER games leading me to believe that moving forward the field is not going to shy away from anything and will simply see a mark and attempt to take it down.  Like me, there were several games people felt comfortable choosing the over/under on, and I  say “you go girl!!”  Eleven weeks of data and some surface level analysis has uncovered no useful trends, and that’s ok.  Even the games the leaders have chosen, have not been consistent with what the consensus picks reveal on Friday.  We are waiting as long as possible to submit our picks which is perfectly fine but it does skew the data just slightly.  It’s nothing we can’t work through, and it makes me want dig a little deeper this week.
Have a great week gamers!!