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November 17th, 2017

Des Boodram



We are a shrewd bunch, having become conditioned over the years and months and weeks…  we see a player go down – and we are ready to write off the team.  In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, it’s two players but the field is ready to pounce.  

The Field collectively decided that Pittsburgh who has largely dysfunctional this season with several questionable performances, will find their offensive mojo on Thursday night against Tennessee.  The Field was right, as the Steelers dropped a season high point total easily covering and looking like instant Super Bowl Contenders in the process.  The field sees a mark, and they take it down, an opportunity to take advantage is never passed up, and in large part we are a stubborn bunch some times to our own detriment… Harvey Weinstein would be proud. 

In all seriousness – I love how we are all willing to take advantage of the misfortunes of NFL teams for personal gain in the standings…. It is a game after all.


Philadelphia -3 at Dallas
A bloodthirsty den of wolves you are – but I’m right there with you, but you do know the Eagles have a few injuries on defense as well.  If Dak Prescott is the straw that stirs the Dallas Cowboys offensive drink, than Ezekiel Elliot is the drink.  We all know this, and with Zeke out, we know the Cowboys are in big trouble.  Being down a major linemen doesn’t help either. The spread is doable, so I’m with you savages on this one.


Detroit -3 at Chicago


We are not shying away from road teams this week, and that’s perfectly fine.  The Chicago Bears were in a prime spot at home against the Packers last week, and broke hearts across the country.  It’s payback time for the field, or so it seems, as the Lions coming off a bye are great on the road, and fully locked and loaded.  Again if the spread is at -5.5 like it was last week for the Bears, I’d likely take the pass, but I only have to cover three points, where do I sign.


Falcons +3 at Seattle


I see where the field is going with this.  You all think the Matt Ryan is going to go into Seattle and carve up a Seattle defense sans Richard Sherman.  This is where your string of looking for blood in the water comes to end… the narrative makes perfect sense… but the Falcons are no longer explosive and there’s no part of their game that’s better than Seattle.  Neither team has a running game, and both teams have multiple dependable pass catching options.  The pieces Seattle has on defense are still playoff quality, and then there’s the advantage of the 12th man.  It’s an outright prom night rejection, but Seattle led by Russell Wilson and that chippy defense covers in this one.


Los Angeles Chargers -4 vs Buffalo Bills


Be careful with this one gamers… I know your blood thirsty selves want to take advantage of the rookie QB Buffalo is coming to town with, but San Diego’s QB situation is up in the air.  I’m fading this game because of the uncertainty.


OVER/UNDER SPECIAL – Kansas City at New York Giants 44.5 points


I’ll own my bad call last week killing my streak of eight straight weeks… but the Chiefs visiting the Giants is going to be OVER here.  The Chiefs defense has been horrible the last few games and the Giants can still somehow move the ball.  Alex Smith and company will handle their business offensively, but the Giants will ring up the scoreboard as well.  Chiefs and Andy Reid coming off the bye???  Yes Please – Kansas City 34 New York 20.