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December 21st, 2017

Des Boodram



I want to say this a two-dog race or really an any number of dog type race, but the truth is I think this one is over, and I’ll explain why.  In the mean time, many of you are pretty much out of it, and there are a handful of you that are within shouting distance, but you still have too several un-calculated risks and pray that the everyone in front of you absolutely blows it.  I’ve seen it happen before, and I’ve been the one blowing a big lead on the final week leaving me feeling like Greg Norman at the Masters without the nice clothes.  The Atlanta Falcons can sympathize, but I don’t think it’s going to be in this year’s WORLD SERIES OF HANDICAPPING – let’s give out some props though.


The top four point scorers of week 15 all selected raw game outcomes and were rewarded for their efforts.  Over/Under outcomes are increasingly more difficult to predict and the most successful picks week-to-week almost exclusively include tickets with seven team predictions.  RobRobbie who finished with a 6-1 record and a week high 25.90 points only messed up their Atlanta pick which should’ve been good to go.  For some reason, Matt Ryan has never been able to put his foot on the throat and finish teams.  It cost RobRobbie $50 this week.  Props on the Giants pick at a 7 and understanding that this is a rivalry game should be close even with Philadelphia being on the road.  Even more interesting to me was that the 2nd highest finisher, Rocket who finished undefeated at 6-0-1 only had one pick the same.  Both were on Carolina and third place this week was on Carolina as well.  I gotta say, that amongst top four all of them had at least two unique picks.  The fourth place finisher icecapper gets the “risk taker” award this week, going with 6 of 7 teams that are amongst the worst in the league and choosing the Los Angeles Rams as well.  That’s right, if they were bad icecapper did their best to encourage.  Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Cleveland, Jets, Giants, and Redskins are all horrible, but are all  the biggest cause of icecapper’s place in the weekly standings.   5-2 ain’t bad choosing those teams.


Current leader Allredb1 is 65 points ahead of the next closest participant who is ElroySports.  #2 actually gained ground on Allredb1 this week by a whopping 7 points.  Allredb1 by their standards had a bad week with a 3-2-2 record while Elroysports finished 4-3.  Yes the confidence points assigned have a major impact, but if the field is only going to make up seven points per week while being down 70 points they will need the season to last another 10 weeks.  Yes, I know that’s simple math, but with only two weeks left Allredb1 truly has to pull a Greg Norman or Matt Ryan and do something really stupid to not get crowned 2017 World Series of Handicapping Champion.  It’s one thing for the field to do well, but they also have to hope that Allredb1 does horribly.  To put it into perspective if Elroysports goes 7-0 and Allredb1 goes 0-7 the current leader will still have SEVEN point lead.  This is a crazy stat.  See you in a few days gamers.