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Did You Like This?

December 16th, 2017

Des Boodram



You have three weeks left to make your run, and for those of who still have a pulse in the World Series Of Handicapping stretch run, now is the time.  Conservatism will get you right where you are if your are not in the top 10… and for those at the top it’s all about survival.  The contest is calling for us to be near flawless for the next three weeks and analyzing the Consensus pick is particularly of importance as one has to decide whether they or going to go with the chalk OR try to pull one over on the field. 

I’ve always thought it was interesting to see how the field was leaning on a particular game, especially when the are split down the middle.  I’m avoiding those splits this go around, because you don’t gain much for nailing the pick.  For the risk takers out there, you simply want to attack games no one wants any part of, so that one you nail it, you gain on the entire field.   Let’s get moving.




I know seven points is a lot for a divisional matchup, but there is no evidence that the Bucs who just got beat by two TDs, with no Devonta Freeman can keep this game within a TD.  The Buccaneers have ZERO good wins this season, beating no team that has a winning record.  Atlanta has everything to play for and run wild on the Tampa Bay defense.  This is a great opportunity to pull one over on the field even if the Bucs are at home.  Atlanta wins by 10.




I actually like this game a lot.  I like that the Raiders who are at home can run the ball against this defense, a defense that also gives up just under 250 yards a game in the air as well.  It’s still too close to call for me, and I will likely fade since I’m trying to make ground on the field.  This game should be predicted based on how you think the Dallas running game will be.  If you they Rod Smith and Alfred Morris go off than you will take the Cowboys in this one.  The Field clearly doesn’t think that’s going to happen.




The field has spoken, and the feeling is that the New England Patriots can’t overcome all of these injuries and win this game.  Essentially they are saying the Patriots run is over.  This game could go either way, but it’s a fade for me, because I’ve seen the Steelers shrink too many times in big games, and I’ve seen the Patriots put the clamps down too many times in big games.  I do feel the Pittsburgh offense is in a good place right now, so I agree with the field on this.




Vegas is saying the return of Aaron Rodgers isn’t that big of a deal, and the field is saying that it is.  I agree with the field.  I think A-Rod comes in and looks great.  I could be wrong, he could look rusty and throw three picks.  I don’t know how mobile he is going to be, and whether is able or willing to run.  A lot of unknowns in this one, but 6.5 points is a lot to lay.  Cam Newton is wildly inconsistent, so this could happen.  I do think the Panthers defense is good enough to put the clamps down so I’m fading… I got gain ground on the field by not playing what they are and hoping the chalk doesn’t hold serve.


OVER/UNDER SPECIAL  Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (48 points)


I’m going over all the way here.  These are two explosive offenses with worn out defenses.  The Rams can pile it on, and the Seahawks have been in multiple shootouts this season.  Both defenses are overrated.  Even when Wentz was out last week Nick Foles led two scoring drives.  This one is a no-brainer.
Good luck gamers.