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DEC 02nd, 2017

Des Boodram



We’ve got another crazy week on our hands gamers.  Last week was super chalky so most of those competing in the World Series of Handicapping contest posted a number but didn’t’ make up any ground.  Many games simply made sense to attack, and the field was seemingly all on the same page.  This week not so much, and it started with a Thursday night beat down by the Dallas Cowboys over the Washington Redskins, who had everything to play for while the Cowboys looked primed to mail it in.  Everyone came to play for the Cowboys which was totally unexpected but the end result was a two TD score that dumbfounded Redskins nation.  Sundays games, I fear will go the same way, so do you work folks, because scenarios like the one involving Eli Manning not starting, and Josh Gordon actually starting could have an impact on game outcomes.  Let’s get down to business.


Green Bay -1 vs Tampa Bay


The Packers at home against a warm weather team that is rolling out a QB that hasn’t played in over three weeks, and will be without his #1 RB???  Sign me up for this one… Brett Hundley showed me enough last week on the road at Pittsburgh to lead me to believer that the Packer will handle the Bucs in this one.


Seattle +5  vs Philadelphia
This one is right on point, so props to Vegas, who doesn’t really need props from me but never the less, I’m torn the field is not.  Seattle has too many deficits on defense and the Eagles are legit on defense.  They are even better on offense, so it’s hard to not believe that on paper they won’t win this game going away.  The Seattle Seahawks however are amazing at home, and have Russell Wilson… two factors that will make me run away from this game.  I still think the Eagles win by seven points in this one.


New Orleans -4 vs Carolina


Not sure what the field is seeing here, but what I say is a failure to understand who the Carolina Panthers are.  They are basically the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFC  playing down to their competition and often looking disorganized in the process.  On the other hand they play up to their competition especially on the road, and especially in division.   The Panthers have looked disjointed on offense, but have been battling injuries and trades all season long.  I think they all their issues will be reconciled on Sunday in a low scoring affair with a playoff type feel.  Carolina wins outright.




New York Giants +7.5 at Oakland


Who wants anything to do with this game given the NYG QB situation and the fact the Raiders have no one to throw to.  The Field does, and apparently they know Geno Smith is going to be good enough on the road to cover against an uninspiring Raiders team.  I’m not so confident, as I believe that Derek Carr and company will turn to the running game to offset the no WR issue.  I think one is close… to close for me, and I just can’t trust Geno Smith with those WRs.


OVER/UNDER SPECIAL: New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders (38 points)
This game has 17-14 written all over it.  One QB hasn’t played this season, and the other QB has no one to throw to.  There’s no need for me to complicate what seems to be fairly simple, so I just don’t trust in the personnel each team is rolling out.  38 points is super low though,, and I’ll admit, I’m gripping a bit.
Good Luck Gamers!!!!