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Des Boodram



On the eve of the NFL season there has never been a reason for a true gamer to be more excited.  Between fantasy football, daily fantasy football, survivor leagues, pick em’, and a host of other games, there is a plethora of ways to interact with the NFL game that everybody loves so much.  Of all games in existence none may be more intriguing than the World Series of Handicapping (WSOH), which allows competitors to choose seven NFL games per week and assign confidence points to each game, with the hopes of accumulating points every week for the duration of the season.  The games can be chosen based on over/under values or against the spread as determined by an official odds maker and the reward for the overall champion is based by the number of competitors who have joined.


This event however, is so much more than just picking games.  The WSOH is a true test of the player, and their ability to be great week in and week out, while making informed decisions every week.  There are deductions for wrong answers, which are inevitable, but whoever is able cast aside a horrific week, buckle down and bounce will ultimately prevail.   The swings from week to week are a thing of beauty as leads are short lived and can change with a single unfavorable outcome. 
The WSOH is clearly NOT about the number of picks you get correct, although it helps, but more about the values (1-7) that you assign based on the confidence of your picks.  If you are certain of an outcome, assign a 7 to that game, but know that if you blow it, your 7.70 points in the hole.  That’s right the penalty is harsh for wrong answers, but the fairness of it all will suck a handicapper in with ease.


I’m a huge fan of the format, but the site is also easy to navigate through and makes signing up, and signing in seamless.  From there a list of rules and guidelines is available to make the experience even better.  Games are listed clearly, and selecting the games you want the confidence points you are assigning has never been more straightforward.  There are some interesting caveats that you need to be aware of, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the WSOH site, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.  Be mindful of the payment terms, because you have options.  Lines are released on Wednesday, so the Thursday game is in play, but you have to submit all of your picks at the same time and once they are saved there’s not going back.  I’ll likely not touch the Thursday game, because even if it’s a slam-dunk, there are still six more games you are on the hook for, and so much info comes out Friday through Sunday.  Payout amounts fluctuate as well, so be sure to familiarize yourself with that as well.


The fun is just beginning gamers and my goal this year with the WSOH family, is to keep you well informed.  I’ll be recapping the previous week’s results while shining a spot light on the current leaderboard while also unpacking the CONSENSUS picks later on in the week.  It’s hard to argue with VEGAS, but where there’s an opportunity to be contrarian there could be a worthwhile payout… we have to be aware and assume nothing.  The end goal is your ultimate success and enjoyment with the WSOH offering, so let’s get down to it.  Good Luck Gamers!!