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World Series of Handicapping-4 Preview

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In the wave of the mid season in major American sports, the nation is looking forward to another NFL season that is scheduled to kick off in September 2015. The following season will be the fiftieth and New England Patriots will defend the title. The recent announcement of the season fixtures created much speculation and several betting websites offered handicapping tournaments and competitions that are scheduled to take place the whole season and even before it.
World Series of Handicapping is creating and organizing a tournament regarding NFL handicapping with great prizes. You will need to submit your seven days predictions and after the season concludes in January, you will be reviewed and potentially awarded for your outstanding wisdom and prediction capacities. In order to advise you, we decided to give you some guidelines before making and handicapping predictions and mention what kind of stuff you should look after, before submitting your candidacy for the tournament.

One of the most important advices we can give to you is to be very careful in trusting bookie’s odds and their selection. Bookmakers are professionals and often can the odd be the wrong clue for the bettors. It would be the best to try to calculate your own odds and try to see just how much does a local betting shop swift through the betting odds.
In NFL, turnovers play a particularly big role and can be a crucial clue in deciding which team you are going to support. In the internet-era, all of the date are right in front of you and you can see which teams has the most turnovers in the recent games. Since the tournament is formed on a 7-days prediction, you can easily review the previous games and see the results that might help them make the decisions.

wsoh-3 winner

The WSOH-3 Winner, Nate Jacobson.

Since you are allowed to make seven picks for the week, you can slowly examine the offer and decide which games you have the biggest chance of predicting. Stats, injuries, form or even info on weather are all now available online and are there for you to make your process easier. Home and away fixtures, form and bye days are also important and crucial for your decision. The coverage for the NFL games is always massive and many and we can always see pundits talking about the game very passionately, addressing offense, great moves and great play. However, there are plenty of more behind that so just in case you might want to make your own research and find some information that are not released commonly on TV. Such as defense stats or positioning.

The season is only to begin in September, but instead of relaxing and waiting August to analyze the situation, you can do some work in the off-season as well. Free agents, coach changes, schedule are only several parameters that can play a crucial role for you ahead of the season opening. Lucky for you, most bettors don’t do an early check of the situation, giving you advantage before the season even started.