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World Series of Handicapping: Race for the Ring

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By PST Staff Writer: JT Sneaks

Dec 24th, 2014

World Series of Handicapping

The World Series of Handicapping contestants are spending their days scouring the schedule for great picks. They are using every resource that they have and double checking the latest injury reports. They know that there are 16 weeks in the books and with one week left, this could be the most important week of the season. This could be the week that decides the championship.

The World Series of Handicapping, also known as the WSOH, is the best football handicapping contest that features some of the best handicappers in the world going all out. They are all after the highly coveted WSOH ring. This giant piece of bling is delivered to the one savvy football handicapper that successfully navigates the football schedule and selects winners on a weekly basis. The leaderboard is currently loaded with contestants who know that a perfect week in week 17 could be the difference between losing and winning the bling.

Currently in first place is Petro, the defending champion who already has one ring in his collection and is looking to add another. With an impressive 10-40-2 record and +115.70 units gained on the season he is ready to make a move for another ring, but it won’t be easy.

Natejacobsen has been a steady force at the top of the leaderboard all season. He sits in second place with a 69-41-2 record and +112.40 units gained on the season. Well within striking distance of first place.

Last week’s leader, Enigma had a difficult week 16, but all is not lost. With a 67-43-2 record and +110.20 units gained on the season, he still has a shot at gaining the top prize. In the race to the finish, these three handicappers have the best chance of walking away with the title of WSOH Champion!

This contest is not for the meek. Picking seven games a week is hard enough, but assigning the units to the right game to get the most units in one week makes this a very difficult contest that does not compare with any of its kind.

That is why with just one week left, the one football handicapper that emerges as champion will deserve the right to show off their bling with a giant ring and be called the 2015 World Series of Handicapping champion!