1) Streakcatcher.com players must pick 1 game per day offered on the daily schedule. (Sides or Totals). For baseball, all games must be complete 9 innings games to receive credit for a win. We will not credit a win for a game that is final after 5 innings. ALL BASEBALL picks must meet the 9 innings criteria.

2.) In order to avoid contestants picking “High Favorites”, Streakcatcher players will only have the option of picking ANY MONEYLINE UNDERDOG plays or “PK -125 or lower” money lines and totals in baseball and hockey. Contestants will have the option of spreads in the other sports like Basketball and Football.

3.) In order for the public to benefit from the leaders picks, contestants will have a 1-hour cut off time before the game they are picking. For example: if the leader has a pick on a game that starts at 7:00pm EST, they will have until 6:00pm EST to make their pick before the game gets removed from the board. This gives bettors everywhere a 1-hour window to receive the pick.

4.) The best part about the Streakcatcher.com, you can start again once you are eliminated, you don’t have to wait for any certain days to start up again. Basically, fall off the horse get back on type thing.

5.) If a Streakcatcher player wins their pick, they will receive credit for 1 win. If the player loses their pick, they must start again from zero and work their way up. If a player ties or pushes a pick at any time during a streak, they DO NOT receive a lost or a win. In fact, a push or a tie during a winning streak will be viewed as a pass, which will allow the player to continue from their current streak.

6.) If a game you picked is postponed, cancelled, or voided from the schedule, you will receive a pass and it will not affect your current streak. Furthermore, if the game you pick is cancelled, you cannot make another pick for that same day. Unfortunately, we cannot wipe out your pick from the system and let you start from fresh; you will have to wait until the next day to continue your streak. Therefore, please do your homework on the game you are handicapping and make sure it’s not a high percentage game of being rained out or cancelled. *Note: Please don’t email the administrator, as there’s nothing we can do, as everything is hard coded into the system.

7.) Streakcatcher players will have 7 days between picks to make their next selection. If a player fails to enter a pick within that 7-day period, they will have to restart from zero. This is 7 calendar days, Monday to Sunday, NOT Monday to Monday!

8.) To avoid players copying the leaders picks, once a player hits 10 winning picks in a row and makes their pick for that day, that game will be removed from the “make picks” list. In fact, this will eliminate other contestants to ride the leaders picks. In other words, pick your own games! 

9.) It’s free to play Streakcatcher.com.