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Where to BET? WagerWeb Sportsbook

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WagerWeb is the top choice among sports bettors these days and the reasoning is quite simple: they offer you the complete package. There’s no corner-cutting with them; you simply get what you want. Imagine that?

For starters, it’s hard to argue with a 50% deposit bonus. The industry average is usually around 10%, so by depositing at WagerWeb, you’re already starting way ahead of the game. Sports betting – or any type of betting – can be challenging, which is why you want to start with the biggest bankroll as possible. But beyond just the original bonus, WagerWeb actually keeps you stocked with a number of cashback features, which are unique to this book. We’ll get to those a little bit later. For now, let’s start with the basics.

This shop has been around since 1994 and is located in Costa Rica. They are a highly-regarded book with a solid reputation, and that’s mostly because their payouts come like clockwork. You never have to sweat those as they have no issues paying their players in a timely manner. Beyond that, they continue to improve their site and product to make sure it’s the best out there. That’s all you can really ask from an online sportsbook. Here’s what they are known for:


  1. 50% deposit bonus. Well above the industry standard.


  1. Awesome customer service. They take care of your needs and make sure the finer details are taken care of.


  1. Constantly working to improve the product. Whether it’s the website, mobile betting, live betting etc., they’re always look to take a good product, optimize it and improve it.


  1. User-friendly sportsbook. Whether you’re an old school better that’s new to the internet or a tech-guy, you’ll find betting at WagerWeb easy and smooth.


  1. Fast and reliable payouts. Period.


  1. Great weekly cashback for sports betting, (2%), casino (0.5%) and racebook (13%).


  1. Amazing VIP program where you earn rewards and cool swag based on your betting volume.


Location: Costa Rica

International Phone: 1-888-464-2387

North American Phone: 011-506-2271-5511


Bonuses: Bonus Restrictions


Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses and money earned from wagering bonuses revoked at the discretion of WagerWeb.


Sign-Up Bonus


Get up to a 50% deposit bonus when you deposit with a credit card and up to a $100 bonus with cash deposits. The minimum deposit is $50. Limits may vary according to your location. All Credit Card used must be in the account holders name. Any transaction that is not in the account holders name will be blocked with all winnings and bonuses confiscated.


  1. Cash and credit card deposits have the same bonuses available. Check the website or call customer service to get all of the details.


  1. Customers need to complete the rollover on a given deposit before requesting a payout. Betting Black and Red on Roulette or betting both sides of the game does not apply on volume. One account per household, one account per IP address.


Sportsbook Bonus Rules


Bonuses have to be played by the time any payout is to be requested. If, by the time of the payout, and, if the player has not yet played the bonus he will automatically lose the bonus and the winnings of the bonus; if it is FORFEITABLE, if the bonus is NON-FORFEITABLE, the payout will be declined until the player has met the rollover.
Every rollover required or volume required by WagerWeb, is to be played the amount of times decided at the time of the credit or beginning of the contest, the rollover or volume is twice the given amount if it is counted on the casino.


Reload Bonus


WagerWeb’s reload bonus applies to both new and existing customers. For every deposit of $25 – $250 customers are eligible for a bonus of 10%, 20%, 30% or up to 50%. The bonuses vary on the amount deposited.


Rebates On Losses


WagerWeb is one of the few sportsbooks that gives you cashback on your weekly volume of bets. While most sportsbooks will do that for the racebook (give you around 6-7%), WagerWeb is one of the few that also does this for the sportsbook. For your sportsbook action, you’ll get up to 2% back on your weekly volume. For the casino, it’s $1 for every $200 played and for the racebook, it’s up to 13%.


Customer Care


WagerWeb’s customer service is always available to you. You can give them a call 24/7/365, you can send an e-mail and they also have live chat available. Even if you’re looking to send them a fax, that’s also an option.


Customer Service E-mail:

Customer Service Phone: 1-888-464-2387



  1. Wagering types:



Straight Bets
Spread, Runline, Puckline
Game Totals
Team Totals
Buying Points/Moving the Line
If Bets
Future Wagering
Quarter/Period Wagering
First-Half Wagering
Second-Half Wagering
Horse Win/Place/Show
Horse Exotics

  1. Code of conduct: Getting Started; Basic Betting; House Rules
  2. Wagering rules index: Sports rules
  3. Index of Available Odds and Payoff Charts: Calculation Table; Buy Points; Futures; Props; Parlays; Singles; Teasers
  4. Minimum Bet:$2 on Internet, $25 over the phone. Maximum Bet: Wager Limits
  5. Overnight Lines: Available 1 hour after the last game of the day goes off the board
  6. Dime Line for MLB (10 cent line): 10 cents up to -145/+135, Graduated Line from there on.


Customer Service E-mail:


Website Rating


WagerWeb is rated as one of the smoothest, easiest-to-use website in the sportsbook industry. It’s fast, it’s never down and it’s easy to browse.

Pop-ups: None




Deposits Not all deposit methods may be available to every player based on geographical location, etc. If you have any questions, email the CS department at or call our Customer Service Center toll free at 1-888-464-2387. Deposit methods are:

  1. Credit Cards: free of charge
  2. Moneygram: they’ll reimburse your fees on deposits of $250 or more.
  3. Skrill: free of charge
  4. Western Union: they’ll reimburse your fees on deposits of $250 or more.
  5. EZ-Voucher: customer is charged a one-time fee ($5) for opening the account

Payout Methods

Like deposits, the fees and processes depend on the payout method chosen. Payouts can come as soon as same-day.

  1. Credit Cards: free of charge
  2. Moneygram: they’ll reimburse your fees on deposits of $250 or more.
  3. Skrill: free of charge
  4. Western Union: they’ll reimburse your fees on deposits of $250 or more.
  5. EZ-Voucher: customer is charged a one-time fee ($5) for opening the account

Important Information

  1. Payouts can take as little as 24 hours to process on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. A payout request cannot be processed until we receive funds for all deposits made in your account (up to 7 business days after a deposit is made). Additionally, your payout request must also be processed by the same method in which the deposit was made.
  3. Send only one payout request – multiple requests create delays.
  4. Please ensure that your address and all other account information is correct. WagerWeb may require you to submit additional information for account verification.