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WAGERWEB Sportsbook Review

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Reputation: 4.6/5

    • WagerWeb offers a long time in the business and is fairly reputable.
    • While there has been complaints against the book in the past, we consider them generally trustworthy. We have had no issues with them and signing up with them should not cause an issue.


Personalization: 4.5/5

    • WagerWeb offers (-110/-110) commercial juice.
    • Despite the increased juice, WagerWeb offers sportsbettors a large amount of options to choose from. We were impressed with the types and amounts of prop bets they had available.
    • Short of their own pokerroom, WagerWeb offers betting in every venue that other books offer.


Bonuses/Promotions 5/5:

    • WagerWeb offers a ton of bonuses. They have a rewards program that offers free withdrawals, ‘% off’ racebook rebates, and player points cashback programs.
    • WagerWeb offers a substantial signup bonus of 100% up to 1$000.
    • WagerWeb offers cashback bonuses and 20% bonuses on credit card deposits.
    • WagerWeb is definitely one of the more “bonus/reward-friendly” websites that we’ve reviewed.


Variety 5/5:

    • WagerWeb has an extremely expansive amount of content. Not only do they have Horsebetting, Sportsbetting, Livebetting and Casinos, they also touch on the stock-market.
    • WagerWeb even has a ‘Lounge’ entertainment section that rivals ‘Maxim’ or ‘FHM’ magazine. Awesome stuff!
    • WagerWeb offers and expansive amount of prop bets like “margin wins” “first scoring” etc.
    • WagerWeb leaves out some of the Entertainment prop bets that we’ve seen in other spots, but it seems like they’ve more than made up for this in covering sports-betting with maximum options to bet on.
    • WagerWeb deserves huge points in terms of their sportsbook. Impressive.


Site Layout 5/5:

    • WagerWeb is eye-candy. This is one of the nicest looking sites we’ve reviewed.
    • We found the site very well organized and even fun to use.
    • We found that the pages loaded extremely fast.


Sign Up Simplicity 4.8/5:

  • WagerWeb is legal for Americans to wager with!
  • WagerWeb has an efficient sign-up process but they have 4 different ways that you can deposit money into your account: Visa, P2P, Skrill, EZVoucher
  • Most payment methods that WagerWeb offers include free deposit.
  • The fact that WagerWeb does not have a bunch of hoops to jump through, and all kinds of fees, is definitely a plus.

Pay Out Simplicity 4.8/5:

  • We found that WagerWeb has a good track record of paying out the same/next day that the withdrawal is requested.
  • We found a few isolated complaints against WagerWeb, but the general consensus is that WagerWeb is a solid book that’s moving in the right direction.

Customer Service 5/5:

  • WagerWeb has excellent Customer Service. They make themselves extremely accessible with 24/7 live help support.
  • WagerWeb offers good customer service.

Mobile/Accessibility 5/5:

  • WagerWeb is available for wagering in the US.
  • WagerWeb is Mobile Accessible! Take your gambling experience with you wherever you go.

Overall Impression 4.8/5:

WagerWeb gives us a very good overall impression. We loved the extra entertainment section with entertaining articles. We loved the layout. The site is set up professionally and it shows.

This is the first site that gives some incite into the stock market! All the pages loaded very fast and WagerWeb is available to the U.S.

Total Score: 48.5/50