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Article Title ::Two Sportsbooks are Better than One (2011-07-03)

Two Sportsbooks are Better than One


By Ron Raymond

March 24, 2011



Itís hard to believe my first sports handicapping website ( was built in 1996 and itís now 2011 and Iím still in the game! However, the sports betting industry has seen better days and if youíre not re-inventing yourself or taking a different business strategy, you will be left in the dust.


A good friend once told me, ďhave a dream in life or you will be part of somebody else dream!Ē How true is that statement?  Like many experts in our field, I keep wondering why our industry or the poker industry is not regulated by now and it hit me like an Albert Pujols foul ball! Credit Cards!


Iíve come to the conclusion the only reason why our industry is not regulated by now; society doesnít want to see bettors rack up their credit cards with gambling debts. Credit Cards are another word for laziness! If thereís one thing people have learned from the credit crisis of 2007 to 2009, itís too easy to get fast money without having to worry about repaying their debt. Gamblers are the same way, they lose a few games, have the itch to bet another game, itís 8:30pm at night  and the next game goes off a 9:00pm and all they have to do is empty their limit on the next game. Imagine how fast that can get out of hand with people with addictive personalities? Plus, not to mention the repercussion of emptying your credit card on games or poker can have many social problems attached i.e.: divorce, lying, addiction, stealing. EtcÖ..


They say in dieting ďbreadĒ is the devil, in the betting world it seems ďcredit cardsĒ is the devil.


Fine! So, how do we move forward from here and pick a reputable sportsbook and being responsible. Iíve always told my clients, donít pick one sportsbook, you should have a least two of them at your disposal.  Why should you have two sportsbook accounts? Competitive edge and let the sportsbooks offer you the best offers they can provide. If they really want your business, ask them what can they do for you and what do they have to offer.


Why limit your experience with one sportsbook, when you can compare the value of two of them.


The number one thing you should ask your sportsbook before signing up, what are your depositing methods and what kind of sign up bonus do you provide? I can tell you from experience, you can leave your credit card in your wallet, because the banks have made it a nightmare to fund your account, which brings us to other depositing methods. In order to control your spending habits, the sportsbooks have different limits and deposing methods that have time related experience like going to a western union and drafting a bank wire. If you really want to make a wager, you will take the time to find way to send the money. One of my favorite methods at Bookmaker Sportsbook is instant debit. Itís easy and fast and youíre wagering within minutes. Is that a good thing? Who knows, but itís a preferred method for me.


Why should I have Two Sportsbooks?


For starters, itís about line shopping. If you like the New York Yankees at -140 favorite at Bookmaker Sportsbook and -135 at SBG Global, you will take the -135 at SBG Global. You would be surprised how many sportsbooks will have line discrepancies and some Sportsbooks like Bodog will have a 10 cent difference in baseball between other sportsbooks. Plus, if youíre going to wager on baseball, try to find a sportsbook who has a 10 cent line. Itís worth it down the road.


Another thing to consider when shopping for a top online sportsbook, ask them when they released their lines. Iíve seen sportsbook released their lines at 11am for a 1pm game, but the more reputable sportsbooks like Bookmaker will post their lines the day before. In fact, Iíve seen them post their lines at 4pm in the afternoon for the next day games. Plus, if thereís one thing that irritates me when Iím looking to make a wager on a different sport like golf, Tennis or NASCAR, some books will not even post a line on the event.


But, if you do find a reliable sportsbook who post Master Golf odds, you will notice some books will have bettor odds than others. Now, Iíve made money with the ďsharperĒ golf or Kentucky Derby lines, because sportsbooks have the best information at their disposal, so I look at it like they know something I donít know about.


One of the most important aspects of being a customer at your sportsbook; their customer service! At first, youíre relationship is like a honeymoon, youíre happy to have an account, youíre looking forward on trying their software, but after a year or two, you start seeing their customer service is not as cordial as your other establishment. Make sure they honor their deposit bonus and if they have a loyalty program, make sure they follow up on their word.


Some Sportsbooks take you and your hard earned money for granted. Iím kind of sick seeing some of the sportsbooks go throw the formalities and treating you like another number. Keep in mind, Iíve seen many phony managers, scammers and marketing people treat you like gold at the beginning and then avoid your emails and phone calls as time elapse. However, I have to give credit to sportsbooks who are still in the game after all these years and are trying to make your experience an enjoyable one. If you havenít seen the Loyalty Program at, check it out, worth the price of admission in my view.


Hereís an angle Iíve experience the last 10 years or so, once March Madness is over and Basketball and Hockey are in the semi finals of their sport, you will notice baseball is the only sport in town. Now, baseball is a different cat, not everybody likes to wager on baseball, but Iíve found betting on the ponies can be a nice switch of pace event. You have two kinds of horse racing, thoroughbred racing and harness racing. But, Iíve noticed many of the sportsbooks donít have every track for Harness racing, so make sure you check to see if they have your local track in their betting software.


Itís now 2011, thereís no reason for the sportsbook to have sluggish websites or when you try to make a wager, have the software hang! I can tell you, itís a frustrating experience when youíre facing your screen wondering why the site is so slow! Itís one of my pet peeves when making a bet, if I have to wait 5 minutes when Iím down to the wire to make a bet, and it doesnít go through. Itís enough to force people to find another sportsbook who have reliable software. Plus, itís even worst if that wager would have won!


How to fund your sportsbook account? Well, Iíve already given you a synopsis on why credit cards are being discouraged, but Iíve written a prior article on how to fund your sportsbook account and you can find it here.


Make sure the Sportsbooks you chose are books that have been in the game a minimum of 10 years. I still see some local guys get an online sportsbook, but they donít last too long in the game today, thatís why itís important to stay with a book that has been around a few years. I recommend you read my Top Sportsbook review site to connect with only the top recommended sportsbooks.


Another thing to consider should you be one of the lucky bettors who win on a consistent basis, find out their payout rules. Some sportsbooks will have one free payout a month and then start charging you $50 for the next check if itís in that 30 day window of your last win. Itís just another thing to consider before opening a new account.


Furthermore, if youíre into todayís tech gadgets, some sportsbooks are mobile friendly and this wagering method allows you to wager on the run. Letís face it, after youíve been in the game a few years, you will noticed everything will boil down to ďconvenienceĒ and ďreliabilityĒ.  I know for myself, I donít want to be running to western unions every other week to send money and when I win, I want to get paid.


Thatís why itís important to have more than one sportsbook, because you want the sportsbooks to offer you the best promotions.