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Article Title ::NFL Predictions Week 2 (2009-09-17)

NFL Predictions Week 2


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Enjoy Week 2!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oakland Raiders   38Ĺ      

Kansas City Chiefs -3   

Ronís View: Iíll be honest, I didnít expect the Chiefs to scored 21 points against a Ray Lewis defense in their own stadium and was impressed with QB Brodie Coyle being able to keep the Chiefs in that game. However, itís tough to build chemistry on offense when youíre changing QBís and with Cassel expected to play this week, just breaks the positive momentum the offense built last week in a tough venue like Baltimore. Tip: When OAKLAND RAIDERS team played as a +3.5 to +6.5 Underdog - Playing on grass surface - Coming off a Home loss - Coming off a lost on grass; the Raiders are 11-5-0 ATS in this spot.  


Forecast: Oakland 23 KC Chiefs 14



Houston Texans 40Ĺ       

Tennessee Titans -6Ĺ

Ronís View: The Tennessee Titans will need to find a way to get their offense more vertical, as they canít continue to run the football and throw 5 yard passes and keep hoping the receivers to collect YAC yards. (YAC = Yards After Catch). Houston laid an egg last week and itís good for Kubiakís team to hit the road and not have the home pressure of producing points, should their offense go 3 and out. Plus, big test for Kyle Shannahan kid to get some points on the board this week or else there could be a coordinator change. My subconscious tells me itís a Titans home game, so make sure you consider a safety in your prediction! Tip: When HOUSTON TEXANS team played as Road team as an Underdog - Last 3 years - Coming off a lost on grass; the Texans are 1-11 SU in this spot the L3Y.


Forecast: Tennessee 24 Houston 22



New England Patriots -4  

New York Jets 45Ĺ  

Ronís View: Never wake up a sleeping dog! Why on earth would Rex Ryan want to piss off Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Tom Brady didnít feel comfortable in the first half vs. the Bills, but after the 3rd quarter, he was settled in and he looked like the Tom Brady of old. Ryan is putting his rookie QB in a tough spot this weekend by mouthing off. Tip: When NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS team played as a Road team - Vs Division Opponent - Last 4 years; The Patriots are 11-1 SU and ATS in this role the L4Y.


Forecast: New England 27 New York Jets 21


Cincinnati Bengals 41Ĺ 

Green Bay Packers -9 

Ronís View: Chad Johnson needs to focus more on making plays on the football field then dreaming about leaping in the end zones at Lambeau Field. I just wished Marvin Lewis would take control of this loose cannon and stop putting his team in the wrong limelight. The Bengals couldnít muster any offense vs. a Broncos defense, could be a long afternoon against this Dom Capers 3-4 Defense. Tip: When CINCINNATI BENGALS team played as Road team as a Underdog - During Week 1 to 4 - Scored 7 points or less FOR in their last game; The Bengals are 3-7-0 ATS in this role since 1983.


Forecast: Green Bay 27 Cincinnati 17



Minnesota Vikings -10  

Detroit Lions   46Ĺ

Ronís View: Sure it was another lost for the Lions, but from the glass is half full point of view, they scored 27 points on the road against one of the better NFC teams who are expected to make the playoffs this season. If the Lions can keep Peterson to less than 100 yards, they keep this close from a point spread point of view.  Keep in mind; this is a division game, so these are always tough games, because each team has more data on each other, compared to a non-division team.


Forecast: Minnesota 29 Detroit 23


New Orleans Saints 46Ĺ    

Philadelphia Eagles -1 

Ronís View: The New Orleans Saints have a great offense and they are facing a team who relies 60% of their offense on Brian Westbrook. Contain Westbrook in this game and you walk out with 2 points! Tip: When NEW ORLEANS SAINTS team played as a Road team - During the month of September - Coming off a win in dome; the Saints are 12-6-2 ATS in this role.


Forecast: New Orleans 26 Philadelphia 20



Carolina Panthers 43     

Atlanta Falcons -6   

Ronís View: Hereís one of those situations where you seen the Carolina Panthers turn the ball over 7 times and the Eagles scored 24 points off those turnovers. Carolina has a great head coach in John Fox and theyíve beaten the Falcons 3 out of 4 times in the Georgia Dome in their last 4 trips to Atlanta. Tip When CAROLINA PANTHERS team played as a Road team - Vs Division Opponent - Coming off 1 game loss - Coming off a loss; The Panthers are 12-3-1 ATS in this spot.


Forecast: Carolina 23 Atlanta 20


St Louis Rams 37

Washington Redskins -10  

Ronís View:  Rams head coach Steve Spagnuola probably didnít enjoy his first day on the job as a NFL head coach, as his team got spanked 28-0 to the Seahawks. With a big Running back like Steven Jackson, he needs to be carrying the football 20 to 25 times a game and then hit your top gun receiver in Avery. I see a touchdown game here.



Forecast: Washington 24 St.Louis 17



Arizona Cardinals 42Ĺ    

Jacksonville Jaguars -3 

Ronís View: If Iím Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt , Iím a bit concern about my football team who lost a home game vs. a division opponent last week, especially when you just came back from going to the Super Bowl in your last game.  Jacksonville looked good last week vs. the Colts and return home where they average 26 points per game as a home favorite the last 3 years.


Forecast: Jacksonville 28 Arizona 20


3:05 pm      

Seattle Seahawks 39Ĺ 

San Francisco 49ers -1   

Ronís View: The 49ers have a new attitude and itís all because of their new leader, Mike Singletary. Everybody is accountable in Singletaryís environment and itís showing up on the field. Seahawks could be in for a surprise here this week and might come out flat after their 28-0 win over the Rams at home last week. Tip When SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS team played as a Home team - Total is between 37 to 41 - Playing on grass surface - Coming off a 1 under; the 49ers are 14-3 SU in this role since í83.


Forecast: San Francisco 27 Seattle 17


4:05 pm      

Tampa Bay Buccaneers    42 

Buffalo Bills -5 

Ronís View: Canít believe this will be the Buccaneers first ever trip to orchard park! My NFL database goes back to 1983 to present and the Bucs and Bills have played each other 5 times in Tampa Bay only and the Bucs won 4 of the 5 games. If the Bills throw long, they will route the Bills, but itís closer than you think! Tip When TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS team played as a 3.5 to 6.5 Underdog - Coming off vs National Conference opponent - Coming off 1 over; The Bucs are 9-3-0 ATS in this role.


Forecast: Buffalo 20 Tampa Bay 16

4:15 pm      

Cleveland Browns 38 

Denver Broncos -3  

Ronís View: When you score a touchdown on the second last play of the game on a fluke play, you lost the game in my view. The Broncos escaped Cinci with a win last week, but needed some help from the Bengals DB who tipped the Football into Brandon Stokleyís hands. The Browns lost the Vikings last week, because they couldnít wrap up Adrian Peterson, but I look for them to be much better vs. the Broncos this weekend. The Broncos have not been a good Ė3 point or less home favorite the last 3 years, they are 4-18-0 ATS in this role.


Forecast: Cleveland 21 Denver 20

4:15 pm      

Baltimore Ravens 40Ĺ   

San Diego Chargers -3 

Ronís View: The Ravens are one of those football teams you want to take every week, because you love their defense, but allowing 24 points at home against a back up QB on a bad football team is a red flag in my book. Chargers average 29 points at home the last 3 years and they have the X Factor on special team with Darren Sproles.


Forecast: San Diego 23 Baltimore 16


4:15 pm      

Pittsburgh Steelers -3   

Chicago Bears 37Ĺ  

Ronís View: Could be a bit of pressure on Bears QB Jay Cutler who threw 4 interceptions last week in Green Bay, as he made throws where there was no receiver in site. The Steelers are just one of those teams who get the job done by committee. Hereís the thing about this spread, the Steelers are 5-5 SU, but 2-7-1 ATS as a Road Favorite after a home win as a favorite the last 3 seasons.


Forecast: Pittsburgh 23 Chicago 21

8:20 pm   (NBC)    

New York Giants 44Ĺ  

Dallas Cowboys -3  

Ronís View: Eli Manning is starting to be a QB you donít want to bet against as an UNDERDOG and heís got my vote this weekend. The Giants can run the football and thatís key in road division games and the Cowboys are coming off a nice road win, but it was against a questionable Buccaneers team. Tip When NEW YORK GIANTS team played as Road team as a Underdog - With 6 day off - Coming off a Home win; The Giants are 21-12-0 ATS in this spot.


Forecast: NY Giants 23 Dallas 19


Monday, September 21, 2009

8:35 pm   (ESPN)    

Indianapolis Colts -3 

Miami Dolphins 42Ĺ       


Ronís View: The Wildcat is a good play to throw the defense off, but you canít live off the Wildcat! The Dolphins have a nice average team, but if they want to win over 10 games again this year, they will need their defense to win them a few of those games. I just donít see the big playmaker on this Miami team, but they have a nice defense. Peyton on Monday Night Football and weíre only laying 3 points is good value in my books. If Iím not mistaken, doesnít Peyton have a history of winning weird games on Monday Night in the state of Florida? Tip When INDIANAPOLIS COLTS team played as a Road team - After a division game - Coming off a Home win as a Favorite; The Colts are 11-1 SU in this role.  


Forecast: Indianapolis 23 Miami 17