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Top ten reasons why Golden St will still win the 2015 NBA title

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Number 10- Stephen Curry can’t continue to play this poorly. They are quadruple teaming him at times, and his is trying to dribble out of trouble, just hit the open man, at take what the defense gives you. Play team basketball like you did in the regular season.

Number 9- Role players like Dellavedova can’t continue to play the games of their lives. He had to go the hospital after the last game. You can’t continue to play over your head; eventually you will come back down to earth.

Number 8- The public money is 60% on the Cavs to win the series at this point enough said.

Number 7- The Warriors were 67-15 the regular and the best team in basketball that has to count for something.

Number 6- Lebron James can’t keep playing out of his mind as well. We have seen him go on streaks at times where he can’t shoots bricks and keeps forcing the ball. Kinda what Curry is doing now. Both players will find the middle, Curry will play better and Lebron will slow down.

Number 5- The Warriors played in the much better Western conference and came through it with flying colors.



Number 4- They were down 2-1 and getting totally outplayed against Memphis in the second round and then took 3 straight to take the series. Memphis is a much better team than the Cavaliers are.

Number 3-All they need to do is win game 4 as a 2.5 point favorite then they have games 5 and 7 at their home court which is very hard for road teams to win at.

Number 2-Stephen is the future of the NBA Lebron is the self proclaimed past

And the Number 1 reason why the Golden State Warriors will be the 2015 NBA Champions
Do you really think Cleveland will ever win a title of any kind??????

If I was you I’d call up America’s Bookie today and bet them to win the series at -125. That is seriously good odds on the best team in basketball that was talking sweep vs. a slightly above average team that is missing 2 of its top 3 players.