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Top 10 Highly Recommended Online Sports books

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Sports betting have been one of the favorite pastimes of fans. It places them right in the game and amplifies the excitement they feel. And with the advent of online betting sites, the process has become more fun and easier. There are various online sports books today, and they all provide different bonuses and options. Below are the top sports books on the Internet today in no particular order.


According to sports books reviews, 1Vice is heading in the right direction. It is a relatively new online sports betting site that has a lot of chance to grow. It is one of the trustworthy and reputable books that allow US betting. It has been designed for sports bettors alone, as there is nothing else to bet on. The best thing about the site is their gambler’s insurance, where players can get up to 30 percent of their deposits they have made during a month.

5Dimes Casino and Sports book

5Dimes Casino and Sports book is one of the most reputable online sports books. They have been around since 1999 and since then, they have established themselves as a professional online book. They provide the lowest NFL odds, which is a plus. Aside from sports, there are lots to bet on in the site. They are known to be a favourite among sports handicappers and others. That’s why they have been described as the one-stop-shop by sports book reviews. They cater to all bettors, whether you are an amateur or professional.


One of the popular sports betting sites around is Bet365. They have been operational since 2001. They are one of the most established and reputed international books on the Internet. And best of all, they have all viable book on the site. They also have a user-friendly layout that even beginners will have a fun time navigating around the website. If you are looking for variety, then be sure to check out Bet365. Aside from a sports book, they have a racebook, lottery, and a poker room. They also operate an online casino with all the favourite games. Bet365 is one of the most recommended sites among different sports book reviews.


Betcris is one of the oldest international sports betting sites that are open for everyone except for those from Costa Rica and France. They have been around since 1985. They are also one of the reliable books with NFL picks for Americans. According to sports book reviews, they are trustworthy and safe. They are recommended for casual bettors, but professional sports handicappers often stay away from the site because of their odds. What make them stand out from other online sports books are their earliest lines.


BetDSI is a dependable and reliable sportsbook. Since their launch in 1998, there is nothing but good reviews about the website. They attract new members with a 50 percent sign-up bonus. They also have a cashback program for every bet made on the website. BetDSI is also one of the online sports books that are available in the United States. If you are looking for an honesty book, then check them out.

SBG Global

SBG Global is one of the highly recommended books by various sportsbook reviews. They provide books to international bettors. Whether you are looking for NBA or NFL picks, they have them. They have a wide range to pick from. They have no restrictions against Americans, which makes them one of the dependable books for gamblers in the US.  Best thing about the site is that they know how to keep your money safe and accessible.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction has been awarded an audit certificate from the Gaming Associates that gives them a solid reputation among international bettors. They strive to be a one-stop-shop for anything that you can wager on. But just like any other online sports books, they provide commercial odds. Professional sports handicappers would shop for the best lines elsewhere before betting on the site.

The Greek

The Greek is another one of those well-established sports betting sites. They have been around since 1996 and have established a good reputation among gamblers. The bad news is that they are not available for residents of the United States. While they also offer commercial odds, they are known to drop their lines earlier than others that make them appealing to professional bettors.


Wagerweb provides increased juice, but they make up for it by offering a wide range of options to pick from. They also have a rewards program and lots of bonuses for gamblers. They have an entertainment section that is filled with interesting articles. Aside from sports, they also provide some insight into the stock market.

William Hill

William Hill is probably one of the sports books that your grandparents have used. They have been established in 1934 and have launched their online sports books offering the same integrity and trustworthiness. Even though they offer commercial odds, professional sports handicappers often use William Hills as their back up. With their reputation alone, William Hill is one of the most recommended sports betting websites today.