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Reputation: 5/5

  • These guys have been around since 1996, and they have earned themselves a rock solid reputation as being one of the most well-established and professional international books out there. The Greek easily earns full marks on reputation.
  • The Greek takes international action all over the globe and this helps attest to their notoriety and their credibility.

Personalization: 4.7/5

  • The Greek is not available to U.S. citizens.
  • Even though The Greek only offers commercial odds, they are known to drop their lines on the earlier side, which gives this book some appeal to professional gamblers.
  • Another point to the pros, The Greek doesn’t limit your action. This is one of the few reputable books that welcomes arbitrage gambling.
  • The Greek has a site layout that looks polished and professional. Awesome for the beginner.
  • The Greek doesn’t have quite the variety that many other books have; however, if you’re here to bet on sports, then The Greek is one of the most expansive books in terms of the types of bets and the action that you can get.

Bonuses/Promotions 4.8/5:

  • The Greek has a first deposit bonus of 100% cash bonus up to $100 or 25% cash bonus up to $1000.
  • The Greek offers holiday giveaways and reload bonuses.
  • The Greek has a referral program as well.

Variety 4.7/5:

  • While The Greek offers a fantastic sportsbook, the only other gambling available is their online casino and a pokerroom. So if you’re into the tracks, you’ll have to bet your horses somewhere else!
  • In terms of their sportsbook, they have a dozen different bet types (if bets, reverse bets, buying points etc.) that we appreciated.

Site Layout 4.9/5:

  • The Greek is one of the more simpler sites you there. Not a lot to look at, but it’s all very easy to absorb and neatly laid out.
  • The site is well-organized and plain to read.
  • We found that the pages loaded extremely fast.

Sign Up Simplicity 4.9/5:

  • The Greek is not available for U.S. citizens to wager with.
  • The Greek has an efficient sign-up process. They have 8 different ways that you can deposit, so we found that very convenient.
  • Most payment methods that The Greek offers have free withdrawal.
  • The Greek offers 14 methods of deposit making sure that everyone can easily sign-up.
  • Most methods don’t have any fees attached to deposits.

Pay Out Simplicity 4.9/5:

  • The Greek prides themselves in offering withdrawals within 24 hours of the request.
  • All the research we’ve done indicates that The Greek is on the up-and-up and completely trustworthy.
  • BankWires, FedEx, Check, iDebit all have fees attached with the withdrawals.
  • Neteller and Skrill are the best option for withdrawal.

Customer Service 4.8/5:

  • The Greek has good Customer Service but it’s not as accessible as in other sites.
  • They have 24/7 help support, but it’s only through email and telephone.
  • People like live-chat boxes and we feel a book like The Greek should have that available.
  • All that aside, reports of their service is outstanding.

Mobile/Accessibility 4.9/5:

  • The Greek sportsbook is Mobile Accessible! Take your gambling experience with you wherever you go.

Overall Impression 4.9/5:

In our opinion, The Greek has easily earned a spot on our list. We were surprised that they’re not available for Americans, as they are so well established.

They don’t limit the action! So while they only offer commercial odds, they are still a viable choice for professional gambles.

We found the fact that they drop early lines and have a wide variety of bet types leaves this a perfect book to recommend for anyone that’s looking to gamble sports.

Total Score: 48.5/50