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Every year technology improves and consumers are looking for the latest features which will simplify their online experience. Therefore, the PST has updated their Online Sportsbook Reviews section and we’ve brought you a simple, but yet effective format on how we recommend our sportsbooks.

As you can see from the list below, we wanted to make sure we covered every important angle, as we wanted to give the consumer, an educated report before they deposit with a proven online sportsbook. Reputation played a huge rule, as consumers will research a business to see their reputation amongst current clients.

Personalization, what kind of experience players will receive once they’ve signed up? Are we just another number to these businesses, or are they genuinely interested in our needs and make sure we are haven a positive experience. Bonuses are nice, but should not be the main reason why you sign up with certain Sportsbooks or Casino. The site layout needs to be simple, but effective and very navigational friendly. When players win, they don’t want a run around, once a request for a payout is submitted, payment must be sent out in a respectable time frame.

Customer service representatives must be friendly and patient and mobile friendly software is a must with the popularity of tablets and smart phones.
Overall, players want to sign up, have a great experience, and get paid on time.