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Sports Handicappers Guide to the WSOH

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The World Series of Handicapping is a free contest for sports handicappers who love to make NFL picks. You need to beat least 21 years of age in order to join the WSOH.

WSOH Prizes

Participants of the WSOH-4 have the chance to win cash prizes. First place winner gets $1,000 and a ring. Second place gets $500 while the 3rd place winner gets $250. It makes sports betting more exciting as players are pitted against each other to make the best NFL picks for the week.

Aside from the grand prizes, WSOH also awards weekly prizes to sports handicappers. Each participant gets $500 free-play from Bookmaker Sports. And if someone gets all seven picks during the week, the person will get a one month membership at The contest is ideal for people who bet on online sportsbooks and know their NFL odds.

Those who want to join the WSOH must register through the WSOH website or the WSOH app. The latter can be downloaded from the Apple Store. The NFL picks must also be made through the website and the app. No other methods of submission will be accepted by the WSOH.

Weekly Picks

The WSOH will run weekly during the regular season of the NFL. Players need to make seven picks to qualify for the weekly contest. Players can pick any combination of sides and totals. All selections must be placed by 10 PM Central Standard Time on Saturday. But if the contestant has a Thursday game as one of the selections, then the selections must be submitted before the kickoff of the Thursday game.

The picks are then made public after the Saturday deadline. They will be posted on the WSOH website. Everyone can see the picks made by the contestants and follow their results. That way the contest is transparent and the sports handicappers know the standings as soon as the games end.

Lines for the contest will be posted every Wednesday, and they will not be adjusted to reflect real time movements of the line. The line that is posted on Wednesday will be known as the official contest line for the week.

Once you have submitted your NFL picks for the week, they can’t be changed. They are already considered official and live for the weekend. That’s why it is important to be sure about your picks before submitting them.

Ranking the 7 Picks

Participants must rank their NFL picks from 7 units, which is the highest, to 1 unit, which is the lowest rated play. The plays will be graded based on the 11/10 Vegas Rules. That means for a 1 unit, a loss will result to -1.10 while a win earns +1.00 unit.

The player who gets the highest amount of units won during the end of the Regular Season will be the winner of the WSOH. That means winning percentage and overall record are not considered in naming the winner.

In Case of Ties

In case of a tie, the contestant with the most wins will be declared the winner. If both players have the same number of wins, the players will go head to head in the first round of the playoffs. But instead of picking 7, they will use 3 NFL picks. If the players remain tied, then they will split the prize money.

Participants should make picks each week because the WSOH doesn’t have any bye weeks. If a contestant doesn’t make any selections for a certain week, then the record for that week will be 0-7 and receive -30.80 units. This will be a big blow to your chance of getting the top prize.

The World Series of Handicapping is a great contest to test your sports betting skills. And you have nothing to lose because it is a free contest. All you need to do is to study the NFL odds and make submit your picks. Plus, you’ll get free play from Bookmaker Sports, which is one of the best online sports betting sites according to sportsbook reviews. Not only can you join the WSOH, you can use the free play credits to place your bets online as well.

The WSOH is also a good training contest for people who are hesitant in betting real money online. It is also a good introduction to online sports betting, as well as to the 11/10 Vegas Rules. So what are you waiting for? Register and join the contest today. You could be the one who will be bringing home the ring this year.