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SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: You Can Run And You Can Hyde

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Sept 3rd, 2016 

Offensive Nuggets

Any team with Blaine Gabbert listed as the starting QB is hardly worth the write-up.  It’s difficult to have faith in Chip Kelly even if he is a career winner simply because he had so much more to work with in Philadelphia.  This offense is weak every where except on the O-line. Carlos Hyde’s remarkable talent will again be wasted, because every opposing defense will put 8 in the box.   They will be hard to watch.

Defensive Nuggets

The defense though aging is still pretty stout, but still the worst defense in the division.  The 49ers also have their last four first rounders from 2013-2016 together and ready to go.  Unfortunately the offense will jam the defense up by getting them pinned with excessive and costly turnovers.

Don’t Forget

Local Blackouts are in effect.


Aaron Lynch will come back from a four game suspension, and be a difference maker right away.  This unit really is good, but Lynch makes them so much more versatile.  The clock is ticking on his return.

Fantasy Fruit

Carlos Hyde is so good, but no one will ever know.  He’ll be a DFS game changer for you when the matchup is right, but don’t pick him up in season long.  Every other 49er is a vapor in terms of fantasy.


It’s not going to be good.   The 49ers were 5-11 last season and 1-5 in conference.  It’s hard seeing them winning more than three games, with games against St. Louis, at Seattle and at Carolina to start the season.  Brutal!  This team going 3-13 and will have a shot at a great one of two exceptional QBs in the 2017 draft.  Hoping they don’t let the door hit them on the way out.

The San Francisco 49ers are a +2.5 point home underdog in NFL Week 1 vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Get more NFL week 1 odds in our PST odds section.