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August 23rd, 2016

Offensive Nuggets

It’s going to be tough mudding for the Chargers this season, and a lot of things have to go right if this team wants to challenge for the playoffs.  The Chargers signed three offensive linemen in the off-season, so this unit will have to gel while learning a new system.  Travis Benjamin decided he wanted a real QB to throw him the ball so he got out of the dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns.  Philip Rivers is an oldie but a goody, and will need to repeat his same production from last year… 2nd in the NFL in passing yards.

Antonio Gates will need to stay healthy and Melvin Gordon will need to figure it out, like two months ago.  If all of these things work out the Chargers won’t be a total embarrassment this season.

Defensive Nuggets

Here’s to hoping newly acquired Brandon Mebane will turn this defense around, but don’t count on it Charger nation… it’s going to be a long season.


Don’t Forget

Melvin Gordon, is pretty interesting.  Is he really going to let Danny Woodhead overtake him again.  He is one of the NFLs greatest mysteries, and is getting dangerously close to Trent Richardson territory.  He’s having a great camp though, so don’t forget about why the Chargers drafted him.



James Jones is good when Aaron Rodgers is the signal caller, but Philip Rivers likes to throw it around too.  San Diego will be throwing the ball all season long, so guys like James Jones, and Dontrelle Inman will steal targets and TDs from guys like Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin.


Fantasy Fruit

Travis Benjamin, isn’t really a sleeper, but he seems like an outstanding value pick.  If you think Rivers has another one in him, take the value and run but know that Rivers has to go to Carolina in the first round of the playoffs ouch!!  Melvin Gordon figuring things out will crush the value of everyone else, so keep an eye on him this spring as well.



This is a 7-9 team, with a tough schedule.  The ease of schedule is really split down the middle as they go to Cleveland — hooray easy win!! But then they also go to Carolina —- boo a trip across the country to get you arses handed to you!!!  Then they have several “toss up” games at home – New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Miami and Tennessee to name a few.  They will be fun to watch on offense.