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Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

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PST Recommended: Pinnaclesports

Date of Review: December 22nd, 2014


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Reputation 5/5:

-We gave Pinnaclesports full marks on reputation. They have been around since 1998 and they have earned themselves a rock solid reputation amongst professional handicappers.

-Pinnaclesports has books in over 200 countries worldwide. They are reputable and major player in the world of internet gambling. Sign up here

Personalization 4.9/5:

-Pinnaclesports get huge points for offering the best odds in the business.

-Perfect for professional handicappers and high rollers.

-Pinnaclesports is easy, comfortable, and easy to navigate. It’s straight to the point and the great odds make money.

-Pinnaclesports is perhaps a little bit ‘plain’ in terms of what a beginner/casual gamer might want to see in terms of entertainment.

-The fact that Pinnaclesports does not limit arbitrage betting, and the fact that they offer the highest wager limits makes this book perfect for professional sports handicapping. Sign up here

Bonuses/Promotions 4.9/5:

-Pinnaclesports focuses on offering the best juice in the business. This leaves Pinnaclesports just about the only book for anyone planning on doing this for the long term.

-Pinnaclesports offers many excellent videos that deal with the money side of gambling. The videos contain lots of valuable ‘need-to-know’ information for beginners.

Variety 4.9/5:

-Pinnaclesports has a great variety allowing gamers to bet on anything from Presidential Elections to the eVideo-Gaming championships such as Starcraft, DOTA, Magic and more.

-Pinnaclesports lacks a racebook, so if you like to bet on horses, you’ll need another book such as 5Dimes or Bookmaker.

-Pinnaclesports has an online casino with all of your favorites, as well as live blackjack dealers.

-Pinnaclesports offers all of the different wagers that most other sportsbooks offer from teasers to parlays.

-Pinnaclesports allows you to adjust and buy the lines that you want. Sign up here

Site Layout 4.9/5:

-The site is laid out very well. The pages all load very fast, and everything is extremely well organized.

-Not a lot of distractions. Great for pros, but perhaps a little plain for beginners.

-Pinnaclesports has a section dedicated to beginners.Sign up here

Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

-We found the sign-up very simple and quick. Out of 19 deposit options, we picked Instadebit.. Depositing took nothing more than a click.

-Account setup takes just a few minutes and is easy enough. Sign up here

Pay Out Simplicity 5/5:

-Bettors are allowed 1 free withdrawal per month with no minimum amount required for the free withdrawal.

-Pinnacle has an excellent track record for fast, accurate, and reputable, hassle-free, payouts.

Customer Service 4.9/5:

-Pinnaclesports has a top tier customer service department that resolves all problems in a timely manner.

Mobile/Accessibility 4.9/5:

-Pinnaclesports is now mobile.

-While Pinnaclesports is in over 200 countries worldwide, unfortunately, Pinnaclesports is not accessible for Americans to book with.

Overall Impression 5/5:

-Pinnaclesports is one of two books that is reputable AND also offers the lowest odds. (5Dimes and Pinnaclesports)

-Pinnaclesports offers the highest limits in the business and is known to never shut down accounts when they start earning too much.

-Pinnaclesports is perfect for professional handicappers that do this regularly, particularly the ones that are into arbitrage gambling.

-Pinnaclesports is perfect for the highest rollers in the game who want the highest limits available online. Sign up here

    1. Any book with a reputation, like Pinnaclesports, is a good place to place your money and your trust. Especially at the best odds in the business.


  • Despite being geared towards pros, they still have plenty of media to help teach the beginner the things they need to know.



Total Score: 49.4/50

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