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Paddy Power Sportsbook Review

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Paddypower is the place to go if you’re doing NFL handicap betting.









Reputation: 5/5

  • Paddypower earns full marks on reputation. They were established in 2009, and they have earned themselves a solid reputation as being an established, trustworthy, and professional book.
  • Everywhere we looked we found that the most reputable review sites have given Paddypower very high scores. This speaks volumes and is proof that they have many satisfied customers.

Personalization: 4.9/5

  • Paddypower has an extremely large variety of things to gamble on in their site, in fact, we think that they have it all.
  • The fact that they are the epitome of a “one-stop-shop” means that they are a viable book for anyone looking to bet on almost anything. In terms of variety, we think that these guys absolutely rule the roost.
  • Paddypower has a site layout that is packed full of content. It will take time to learn exactly where everything is, but considering their massive content, everything is laid out with good organization to provide you with ease as you navigate the site.
  • At (-111/-111), Paddypower offers their own odds and will post lower or higher odds than other commercial books.
  • The only downside with Paddypower (as with most books) is that they do not accommodate arbitrage bettors. If you don’t know what that is, then don’t even worry about it. It will have no effect on your experience.
  • Paddypower offers limits that are in step with average/casual gamblers.
  • We also noticed a few spots where you can personalize some settings (like the odds layouts), and it will save your preferences for the next time that you visit. Cool features and attention to detail is always an added bonus in a sportsbook and shows that they are definitely customer oriented.
  • This book would have the highest effect with long-time sports-bettors that can glance at the page and sort the content quickly. If you don’t know all the different sports-betting terminology, this site will definitely help you overcome your learning curve quickly.


Bonuses/Promotions 4.6/5:

  • A feature that we found very unique to Paddypower was their coupon system where you can cut out eCoupons and cash them in for added bonuses. For example: “Earn a bonus of 20% on all accumulators on top of UK matches with 5 or more selections.” or “Earn a 20% bonus as cash on all winning 4 fold or bigger accumulator bets on the Result & Both to Score market on all football matches.”


Variety 5/5:

  • Paddypower offers a sportsbook, a racebook, live-betting, lottery, bingo…and even their own poker-room. Of course they also have an online casino that has all of your favorites as well.
  • In terms of their sportsbook, they have a dozen different bet types that we as professional handicappers appreciated. There are too many options to list, so it’s a high likelyhood that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • We rarely give a 5/5 on variety, but this book earned the grade.

Site Layout 4.8/5:


  • As we said, while Paddypower is jam-packed with all kinds of content, we found that it wasn’t sloppy and hard to navigate. With this kind of variety, organization is important and they did a good job with it.
  • We found the site very well organized.
  • We found that the pages loaded extremely fast.


Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

  • While Paddypower is international, they are not currently available for America or Germany. With that said, they are actively chasing down their gaming license in order to expand in New Jersey. They have already set up in Nevada as well, but are not yet online.
  • Paddypower has an efficient sign-up process. They have 10 different ways that you can deposit, so we found that very convenient.
  • There are standard minimum depsoits (usually 5 euros) but even the most reserved bettor shouldn’t find that to be an issue.
  • Most payment methods that Paddypower offers have free deposit.
  • They even accept Paypal deposits which is a huge deal, as many books don’t offer that kind of simplicity.


Pay Out Simplicity 5/5:

  • We found that Paddypower consistently pays out the same day, sometimes within hours, depending on which withdrawal is requested.
  • It’s not only our experience, after doing some research, we find good reviews regarding Paddypower being a legitimate book and there shouldn’t be any hiccups with your experience.
  • Most withdrawal methods that Paddypower offers are free as well, but there is a 10 Euro withdrawal minimum. Again, even the most frugal gambler shouldn’t find an issue with that. No biggie.


Customer Service 5/5:

  • Paddypower has excellent Customer Service. They make themselves extremely accessible with live help support, email support, and telephone.
  • Paddypower also has an extensive Help Center for commonly asked questions that is easy to refer to, yet very extensive and informative.
  • We found that when we had a problem, we didn’t have to wait for them to get back to us. Customer care was very good.


Mobile/Accessibility 5/5:

  • Paddypower is not yet available for wagering in America, but intends to be.
  • Paddypower is Mobile Accessible. Take your gambling experience with you wherever you go. Interestingly enough, they’ll even let you phone in your bets! That’s a new one on us. Great job.


Overall Impression 5/5:

In our professional opinion, Paddypower has easily earned themselves a spot on our review list. The fact that they have arguably the largest variety available, out of anything that we’ve seen, the fact that we didn’t find fees attached to deposits and withdrawals, the fact that their reputation is outstanding, leads us to add them to our list of recommended books, and we are confident that you’ll find your time well spent.


Total Score: 49.3/50