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NFL betting fever hits London

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A packed Wembley Stadium recently saw the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-17 in a scintillating shootout between two of NFL’s giants. The 9 November London encounter looks like being one of many NFL games coming to Europe as the appetite grows for more of this thrilling field sport. As American football fans queue up to see the super spectacle, the betting bonanza is sparking in to life with British punters really getting a taste for betting NFL style. Here’s our quick guide to enjoy NFL handicap betting market.

NFL handicap betting
Handicap NFL wagering is the favourite betting method for American football fans. It is also the best way for newbies to enjoy betting on NFL sports. The reason behind handicap betting is simple. Like in all sports, no teams or athletes are absolutely equal. Some are stronger, swifter or just plain meaner than others. In order to balance out this difference in sporting prowess, therefore, bookies offer a ‘handicap’ to make things more equal.

How does the NFL handicap system work?
For the sake of argument, let’s take two familiar teams: the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars. We give either fictional associated odds at a plus or minus points ratio. Let’s say the Cowboys are offered at -3 1.925 against the Jaguars +3 2.250. Here’s how it pans out:

• A punter having a wager on Dallas would have been paid out if the Cowboys were victorious by at least three points. Likewise, a punter having a flutter on Jacksonville would be in the money if the Jaguars had either beaten the Cowboys, or at least lost by fewer than three points.

• Since the final score was 31-17 to the Cowboys, those sports fans who had staked on the Cowboys to win -3 1.925 would be successful because there was ultimately a fourteen point difference between the sides. That’s 10 points above the notional handicap offered. Basically the Cowboys had covered the bet!

Handicap NFL betting
There is no better way than to enjoy having a bet on NFL handicap betting than by surfing over to William Hill bookmakers who extensively follow all the North American Football twists and turns. The leading internet sportsbook provides the most in-depth coverage of all the lineouts and yardage anywhere on the Web. Wembley will be the venue again in 2015 as the Jaguars return to take on the Buffalo Bills as part of a triple bill of International Series Games.