pst network Sportsbook Review

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Reputation: 4.8/5


  • MyBookie is only a year old but they’ve already earned a grade of “completely trustworthy” from our major sportsbook review sources.


  • If they keep up their current track record, this will be a solid 5/5 in a year’s time.


  • We were completely comfortable opening a book with them and have had no problems with them so far.


Personalization: 4.9/5


  • MyBookie notes that while they are accessible to nearly everyone globally, the site is directed specifically at their U.S. clients. We found that to be a new development.


  • MyBookie has a new crisp look. The site is fun to navigate. If we were betting people, and we are, we’d bet that they’ll stay cutting-edge and keep their site full of content, programs, discounts, bonuses and many other perks.


  • Odds are customizable (decimal, american, fractional). Another significant indication of a book that knows what they’re doing and a book that will be around in the long run.


  • MyBookie has no limit wagering! This most certainly sets them aside.


Bonuses/Promotion: 5/5


  • MyBookie offers many accessible bonus programs.


  • Most notable is probably the 7% Racebook rebate. For all of you that study The Ponies, this is definitely a great book for you.


  • MyBookie offers a 50% Sign-Up bonus up to $1000.


  • MyBookie offers reload bonuses.


  • MyBookie also offers a “Refer-A-Freind’ bonus. This is actually a critical perk because we only see this perk with books who have professional intent and capability. Always a great sign.


Variety: 4.9/5


  • MyBookie offers all of the major sports, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, MMA, Boxing, Golf, Tennis etc. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here.


  • MyBookie offers many Prop Bet options with betting on Celebrity and Entertainment events (always very fun), Politics, Economics and Religion. This is the first time we’ve found “religion” in the list of entertaining prop bets. Super cool.


  • Of course, MyBookie has all of the standard bets available as well. The list is long so rest assured that whether it’s Round Robins, Reverses, Point Shaving, whatever the bet you’re after, we’re sure they’ll have what you need.


Site Layout: 5/5


  • We found MyBookie actually has a really awesome, professional, and fun, layout.


  • After reviewing dozens of sites, we’d have to say that MyBookie is near the top due to the finished and polished look of it all.


  • Everything is laid out extremely well. It’s easy to see where you need to go depending on what you want, instead of having to struggle to search the site to find what you’re looking for.


Sign Up Simplicity: 5/5


  • Sign-up was a breeze with MyBookie.


  • There are no deposit fees.


Pay Out Simplicity: 4.8/5


  • There are some withdrawal fees depending on the method of withdrawal.


  • MyBookie accepts most main deposit methods including: Credit Card, P2P transfer, Bank Wires, and they even take Bitcoin.


  • MyBookie prides themselves in providing payouts guaranteed within 48 hours


Customer Service: 5/5


  • MyBookie is easy to get a hold of. They have a toll-free phone line, email, and most importantly, Live Chat which earns them the full 5 points.


  • 24/hr customer service.


Mobile/Accessibility: 5/5


  • MyBookie is mobile friendly.


  • MyBookie also has a Live Betting format available as well.


Overall Impressions: 5/5



  • MyBookie is brand new on the block but we are more than willing to give them a grade A review. Their site looks very nice, very smooth, very pro, very entertaining, very fun.


  • They have limitless betting which is a new feature to us.


  • They guarantee 48 hr. payouts.


  • They have all the signs and symptoms of being a rock solid book. Being able to choose the bet type, their list of prop bets, their list of optional bets their list of entertainment bets, and their ‘refer-a-friend’ program.


  • The fact they take Bitcoin is amazing. We’ve only seen 1 or other 2 books allow bitcoin.


  • All the staff that we’ve met seem very cool, easy to deal with, and personable.


  • Absolutely trustworthy, absolutely recommended. If you like what you see, you shouldn’t have any problems moving forward with MyBookie as your new book.



Total Score: 49.4/50