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MLB Futures

Did You Like This?

Now I’m not usually very big
On Future book wagers as the
Vigorish is way too much, but there
are always exceptions.

I’m willing to make one this
Baseball off season

It’s really pretty simple, in fact

If the Dodgers resign Greinke, they
will win the NL West

If the Giants sign Greinke, they win
the division

Take a look at the two starting
Rotations and you’ll see why

The Dodgers have Kershaw and
then what do they have in the
next slot, Brett Anderson or a
coming back from injury, Ryu?

Meanwhile, the Giants have
Bumgarner and then, maybe
Matt Cain and his 5.7 ERA.

Greinke will make the difference
In either case!

Now let’s see who offers a six or seven year deal for $30,000,000
per season?

Whomever does wins the division
And you can BET ON IT.

Yours in winning