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LOS ANGELES RAMS – Making Their Case

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Sept 2nd, 2016 

Offensive Nuggets

The Los Angeles Rams make a triumphant return back to California in a move that has been in play for every small market team struggling to make their way financially.  One can’t help but to feel bad for St. Louis sports fans but the money was just to good.  So LA Sports fans will now be treated to a mediocre offense with mediocre receivers and no playmakers at the TE spot.  Todd Gurley is a star, playing behind an experienced O-line, but he has all the makings of hitting a wall by Week 10-11.  Case Keenum is your starter, because nothing says Hollywood like a QB who couldn’t beat Nick Foles for the starting position a year ago and whose biggest competition is rookie Jared Goff.  This team is not deep, so this offense is not trustworthy…

Defensive Nuggets

which is unfortunate because, they have a playoff defense and then some.   Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree and Aaron Donald are all first round draft picks by the Rams from 2011-2014 and provide a perfect example of how to build a defense.  They are young but experienced, unified, and packed with leadership and athleticism.  They will keep the Rams in almost every game this season.

Don’t Forget

Jared Goff will be begged for if this offense becomes inept in any way.  St. Louis is expecting to challenge for the division, so any bad loss early in the season will create a full-blown QB controversy in SoCal.  Jared Goff will be the only hope whether he’s ready or not.


Tavon Austin needs to step up take some heat off of Gurley.  Case Keenum needs to find him early and often to give the Rams a fighting chance.  It is time now for Austin to be that slippery play maker that can’t be stopped in open space.  We’ve seen glimpses, but consistency by Austin is the only path to success here.

Fantasy Fruit

Todd Gurley should be the first RB off the board.  He is going to get 25-30 touches per game, including several targets in the pass game.  He’ll go up against some tough defenses, which should marginalize his production for a handful of games, but he’s beast, who could easily produce against those teams as well. Gurley and the Rams defense if you can get them late are the only two worth mentioning.


Their schedule is still tough, but their defense is good enough to where they are going to teal some games.  They have to travel to New England and the Jets, but get Carolina at home.  They are going to beat some good teams this season and could win 10 games in reality, so don’t be surprised if that happens.  9-7 is what they’ll go and their offense is not worthy of that record.

The L.A. Rams are a -2.5 point Road Favorite vs. the San Francisco 49ers in week 1 of the 2016 NFL Football season. Get more of the NFL WEEK 1 odds in the lines section.