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Kentucky @ UCLA – An Expert’s Insight

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My dad was a poker player
So I learned in house games at the
Age of five. I’ve enjoyed wagering
My whole life.

I bring this up because tonight
Kentucky meets UCLA at Pauley
Pavilion in Los Angeles. Last year
If you remember the Wildcats
Bombed the Bruins by 39 and it
was not that close

UCLA has already lost three times
In the new season, while Kentucky
is número uno. So when I prepared
to view the odds, I presumed
Kentucky would be a nine or ten point favorite.

Would you believe they’re only
-5?  The casinos are begging you
to go crazy on the Wildcats, as the
Casinos grow larger and still larger.

Maybe you should wager your

I think not, as I advise passing on
This encounter as there is
something screwy going on with
The numbers

Watch it on ESPN but don’t bet
the game

Your’s in winning