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August 22nd, 2016

Offensive Nuggets

The Kansas City Chiefs had some real momentum in the passing game towards the end of last season, but after still being very limited, they went out and got absolutely no one on the offensive side of the football.  This offense was far from explosive last year despite playmakers Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce having decent seasons.  The  Chiefs do boast a running game that is four deep, with their fourth RB on the depth chart  being better than some starting RB1s on the other 31 teams.  This Chiefs team must be planning on implementing a heavy does of Jamaal Charles and the rest of the RBs, because relying on the passing game simply won’t cut it.

Defensive Nuggets

The defense also didn’t do enough to beef up this offseason, with their first three draft picks all buried on the depth chart.  The Chiefs did sign both Jaye Howard and Ron Parker from Seattle, but it won’t be enough.  Their core is still in place, but if this team didn’t have it last season, they’re not going to have it this season either.

Don’t Forget

Eric Berry wants a long-term contract, had so has been reluctant to sign his Franchise Tag tender.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with his holdout stance, Berry’s hands are tied on this one.  His point has been made, and he needs to join his team for training camp.  The Chiefs should give him the contract as well, but Berry’s place is on the field helping his team.  He’s a difference maker, and his presence on the field will make all the difference in the world.


Alex Smith has got to more with this team.  Andy Reid could pretty much take over any team and get them into the playoffs, but the players still need to make plays for the Chiefs to take it to the next level.  Smith is one of those players, and it would be nice to a little more gusto.

Fantasy Fruit

Jeremy Maclin should be a top 10 WR this season, and Travis Kelce should digress a bit, but not as much because his skills have diminished as because other TEs are on the rise.  Jordan Reed should be better, and Dwayne Allen and Tyler Eiffert should provide better value as well.   If Jamaal Charles plays in 14 or more games he will be a top three RB, so it all depends on how you feel.  There is some fantasy gold on this roster.


This is a 9-7 team that ends the season with three straight home games to Oakland, Tennessee and Denver, followed by a Week 17 game at San Diego.  It could be worse, but the game against Oakland in Week 14 will have playoff implications.  The Chiefs do have some impossible road games against Carolina and Pittsburgh, but anything can happen.  Expect the worst and hope for the best with the Chiefs this season.


The Kansas City Chiefs are a -3.0 point Road Underdog in week 1 vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Get all of your NFL Week 1 odds today.