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How to use ATS Stats for Winning

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In the rocky world of economy we live in, betting has become a way of earning money for some people.  Of course, not all of us posses the necessary skills to actually make a living out of betting, but in the world of internet you can find plenty of useful advices and tips on how to enhance your monthly income via betting.


ATS Stats offers regular betting tips and tricks on how to win money betting on American sports, such as NHL, NFL and MLB.  Our website and service contains multiple betting experts,  who make  a quality and deep research before submitting any type of betting tip online. Stats are now available everywhere, but not as many websites actual have it all summed up in one place such as in on ATS Stats. As we all understand that the market for betting tips and stats is now wide as possible, we feel obligated to truly convince you to trust us on the betting market and trust our stats and our betting tips. Therefore, some free betting tips are available on a weekly basis, allowing you to catch up with us and see the quality of our service. After your tip passes and you receive a income during the week, you will have no doubt to trust us in betting. To keep things transparent as possible, we have allowed you to see our corrected predicted tips, which were based on our stats.


During the last month, ATS Stats successfully predicted several Major League Baseball outcomes, with arguments and stats that were deeply researched by our squad. Some of the picks were even free, so all you needed was a little trust to the team behind and you could have gone home with an improved money record. San Diego, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Steelers are all teams we have experts for and follow them on a daily basis. Our prediction has no software and it is done purely manually, giving special research to each individual situation. The games are research and multiple levels, based on tradition, condition, performance, form and motivation among others. Every claim or fact will be backed by relevant information, including transcripts and results from multiple seasons in the past. Knowing the stats can always improve your chances of winning money on betting but you don’t always have the time to make a quality, deep research. ATS Stats does that for you and gives you all the relevant information, before suggesting a pick, which of course you have the chance to accept or reject.

Deciding to join our community and trust ATS Stats as your source for betting tips and tricks can be the first step towards successful betting and bring an end to shadowy days of giving away your money to the bookies.