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Giovanny Urshela – New Indians Third Baseman that will change your sports betting

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If you’ve been keen on the Cleveland Indians farm system over the last couple of years, it is likely that you already know a little about the six foot, 215 pound Giovanny Urshela. However, if you heard not heard about him, you might have been among the many people who were surprised when this effective third baseman came up as a replacement for a besieged Loggie Chisenhall. He was even able to crush a nice home run. Here are some of the main things you should know about Giovanny’s rise in the Cleveland Indians. This information may help you when sports betting at online sportsbooks.

Giovanny signed with Cleveland Indians in 2008 when he was just 16 years old. At the time, he was a free agent from Colombia, and he got some minor league playing time in 2009. From there, he gradually moved through Tribe’s farm system, where he spent approximately 2 years at every level. It would take years before he could get into the list of top prospects for the Cleveland Indians. An interesting aspect of Giovanny’s game is the fact that while he does not walk much, he also does not strike out a lot either. This is a hitter who makes much contact, even though he may not currently have the best pitch selection. However, considering that when Cleveland played as road team as a favourite, they were 8-4 while Detroit were 7-9; Detroit has a lot to do in the next game.

While working his way up in the minor leagues, Giovanny stuck to mostly the same characteristics and profile: a contact-based hitter who aimed to hit balls squarely where they were pitched, rather than making the proper adjustments. His great defence ensured that he was a great candidate who would get lots of play time, but his highly aggressive approach meant that his OBP (on-base percentage) suffered. This is a fact that people in sports betting and who have been following his career can attest to.

However, in 2014 Giovanny’s game started to improve. He showed more power and was adjusting a lot better to pitches. Before long, he had five home runs with 147 wRC+ and finally got called up to Triple A. Giovanny continued with his impressive performances and would score more great home runs while keeping his OBP respectable at .331. Furthermore, he had a 7% walk rate, which was an important improvement that enhanced his overall game.

After spending many years in the background, Giovanny now found himself as a #4 prospect for the Cleveland Indians in 2015. In fact, according to many online sportbooks and sports betting sites, more fans and scouts started to notice his great plate potential and stellar defence. There was one small setback that he suffered last winter when he experienced a PCL sprain on his left leg. Luckily, the sprain did not necessitate surgery and Giovanny only needed to report for spring training for rehabilitation and also getting ready for the new season.

The greatest setback for Giovanny came in spring training in 2015. Having already recovered successfully from the earlier PCL strain right in time to start spring training, he did not end up with lots of play time due to an inflamed disk in the back. This injury not only removed him from most of the spring training events, but it also cost him most of the early AAA season, since he began the year on the injured list.

Even though he just played only 21 of the 59 games till the time he was called up, it was seemingly enough proof that the Cleveland Indians needed to trigger a promotion. While his stats so far are not really very impressive, but combining that with a deplorable Chisenhall performance in the crucial majors, and Giovanny’s always-great defence, it was a great time for him to show the Tribe how great a player he can be.

Giovanny and the Cleveland Indians have a lot of ground to make up on when the next meet the Detroit Tigers. Already many online sportsbooks and sports betting sites have ruled out the Indians since Detroit is leading the series 4-0. This is because the Tribe has been struggling to get the hits in crucial situations. You also have to note how Detroit’s Cabrera is punishing Tribe pitching. All things considered, the next matchup is expected to serve up an interesting encounter. So check out some sportsbook reviews and find a reliable sportsbook where you can place your bet for the next game.

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