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The Phoenix Sports Ticket has been online since 1996 and home to 4-time Champion Handicapper Ron Raymond. Ron Raymond has been providing winning sports betting picks to the betting public over 20 years and has written a book called “Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” and it includes many tips from Ron’s sports handicapping friends like Ross Benjamin and pass legends like Mike Lee!

Las Vegas is home to many of the top sports handicappers in the world and Phoenix Sports has been in many of the Las Vegas contest and has finished in the top 10 rankings numerous times, including TOP 5 Finishes in the World Series of Handicapping NFL Football contest. 

In fact, Sports handicapper Ron Raymond is the owner and founder of one of the most popular sports handicapping NFL Football contest called the World Series of Handicapping. Many of the top sports handicappers partake in the World Series of Handicapping contest and try to win the prestigious contest for both notoriety and the beautiful World Series of Handicapping Ring! Make sure to follow one of the top sports handicappers in the world at

If you’re interested in Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond’s picks, you can get them in the PST Picks section, right here at Phoenix Sports.