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Fred Wallin’s College Football Game of the Year

Did You Like This?

Folks as we write this the Patriots
And Bills are playing great defense
And sorry fantasy fans, you’re not
Going to get a lot of points out in this

However, if you would like to
Make some dough, we have our
College play of the year going on
Saturday at
Take a look, you will not lose

Speaking of winning and losing, I must repeat
That if Oregon’s Vernon Adams
Had not been injured, the Ducks would be a final four club and maybe
the national champion. Instead they have three defeats and are a 34 point
Pick over Oregon St on Friday.

Did you watch the Ducks take apart

Again, we have our college game
Of the season, going this

If you buy it, you will not be sorry
As it could be over very early in
the so called battle.

Yours in winning