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August 26th, 2016 

Offensive Nuggets

It’s not difficult to predict how this team will do with out Calvin Johnson this season who was a top 10 WR in 2015.  Their going to do pretty bad in an already weak division, since they weren’t that good as a team with Johnson.  The Lions are packed with players on the offensive side of the ball who have shown glimpses of brilliance, but for the most part their bodies of work are mediocre and largely inconsistent.

Anquan Boldin is old, in a new system, and probably won’t be counted on for much, though he is starting.  Marvin Jones thinks he’s #1 material, and he very well could be, but what does that mean.

Golden Tate should be outstanding, but was he better as a WR2 to complement a big  play receiver.  Just a lot of question marks, and Matt Stafford will be playing behind a rookie left tackle which should create some growing pains.  There’s potential there, so expect the worst and hope for the best.

Defensive Nuggets

The Lions have solid core in place at every level, including some play-makers as well.  They’ve got some depth and experience and should be a productive unit.  They will need the offense to be good, as defensively they are not good enough to bail out a bad offense.  Thankfully the offense has potential, so expect the Lions to keep games tighter than one would expect.

Don’t Forget

Golden Tate is in fact the golden ticket in this offense.  He has great hands and separation ability and above average speed.  He’ll be great in the slot and on third down, and if Marvin Williams can step up, Tate will see single coverage, which he can typically beat. Don’t forget Tate is great.


Ameer Abdullah has to get better and more dependable this season.  Matt Stafford is a gunslinger with a lot of weapons, but needs a running game, and that’s where Abdullah comes in.  He has big play capabilities so the Lions success on offense hinges on his ability to break free.

Fantasy Fruit

Golden Tate is daily fantasy football dream and is a must own in PPR leagues.  Aside from that, no other Detroit Lion is worth rostering, unless you get Stafford and company on the cheap.


This team has the offensive fire power to get to 8-8, but 7-9 seems like a realistic output in 2016.  They still have Jacksonville and Washington on the schedule with two matchups against Green Bay and Minnesota.  They will shock some teams this season… but not that many, so seven wins seems attainable.

The Detroit Lions are a -5.0 point Road Underdog in week 1 vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Get more NFL Odds for week 1 in the PST ODDS section.