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Des Boodram



I’m telling you that cash games in the NFL are where I have found my DFS sweet spot.  I have 17 weeks to weave my web, and I’m out.  I still have to bet smart and so should you.  Never putting 100% of my bankroll into the following week.  If I feel any reservations I’m just dipping my toe in, but if I’m feeling it, I’m going 75%.  You take a step backward if you botch your cash line up, but how big of a step backwards is determined by how much you put in.  After some close calls last week, we are back in the cash, even if Cam freaking Newton only got us 11 points against the worst secondary in the NFL.  That’s ZERO passing TDs and three INTs.  Special thanks to Antonio Brown, Kareem Hunt and Davonte Freeman who more than made up for bagels by Jack Doyle and the Baltimore defense … ewww! Check out my results below and let’s go streaking in Week 4.



WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED

WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good

WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED


QUARTERBACK – Never Say Wentz


This was tough this week but I’m sticking with my rule because it’s keeping the lights on for me at my house.  I want the cheapest way to 20 points, though it should be noted that I’ve yet to hit that this year and only hit it 4 times last year.  That’s because I’m frugal at the QB  position and I’m always trying to finesse a QB on my cash roster.
I like a bunch this week.  Drew Brees ($8500) is turning into a road warrior and so is Matt Stafford ($7700) .  I love Russell Wilson ($7900), but the Seahawks have laid a major egg at home, and Seattle was playing from behind the entire game AND I don’t think game flow lines up that way against the Colts.  He could go off, but I’m concerned I’m paying for last week’s numbers, when Seattle doesn’t need to pass the ball.  Tyrod Taylor ($7100) at ATL is intriguing because he’s so dirt-cheap.  Trevor Semian ($7500) at home to the Raiders after what Kirk Cousins just did also has my attention.  I’m going land right in the middle with Carson Wentz ($7600) however because I love his price and his matchup.  I’ll take 2 TDs and 300 yards with no running game against a banged up defense any week, and that’s what Wentz has.  I swore off Wentz in Week 2 after he crushed my dreams, but he’s won me back… pray for me… pray for us.








The Falcons are average in run defense but have allowed more receptions to RBs in the last year than anyone in the league.  McCoy is great out of the backfield, AND this should explain why I didn’t go with Tyrod.


TEVIN COLEMAN ($5400) – is a straight up value pick, borderline throw away, and yes I know I’m breaking many cash game rules, but the Bills are also sub-par is defending pass catching backs.  The Julio Jones injury could mean a more active day for Coleman.


WIDERECEIVERS – Going for Green


I figured that A.J. Green making my cash roster makes up for the failed acknowledgement in my intro, so there it is.  Indy torched Cleveland last week and so to will the Bengals this week.  Time to make your opponents Green with envy.


DeVante Parker is sitting pretty against a bad Saints secondary in London, England.  I picked on the Saints secondary last week and got burned, but I like Parker’s volume… he’s the best WR on the team.


Stephon Diggs is matched up against  Darius Slay, which may scare some people off.  Minnesota has some great offensive weapons and they are even better at home.  Diggs is pretty much matchup proof until he proves he isn’t.


TIGHTEND – Love Ertz


Zach Ertz is a no-brainer cash game TE if there ever was one.  He has a high floor, get’s 8 targets per week at least, and will be targeted in the Red Zone as well.  Plus the Wentz thing too… #DoubleWhammy


DEFENSE – Scoreless in Seattle
After my Baltimore pick last week netted me negative points I’ve got to at least finish in the black this week.  Seattle at home gives me the best chance to do this.  Feel free to mix and match, but this is what I’m rolling with.
Good Luck gamers.