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CHICAGO BEARS PREVIEW: Trouble In The Windy City

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NFC North Preview

August 25th, 2016 

Offensive Nuggets

There are a lot of questions marks this season with this team which is common with as much player turnover as the Bears endured this season.  Gone is Matt Forte, and Jeremy Langford is expected to carry the load.  These are ginormous shoes to fill for the 2nd year player, so hopefully the small sample size he provided last season will repeat itself.

Kevin White is on schedule to go, but no one knows how good he’ll be, and Alshon Jeffery comes with a permanent “questionable” label attached to him.  Jay Cutler has been a constant, but constantly inconsistent is NOT what this team needs.

Defensive Nuggets

There is nothing to be excited about with this unit at all, and this is by far the worst defense Chicago has fielded to start a season this season.  Kyle Fuller is a playmaker, and first round draft pick Leonard Floyd, who has had a mediocre camp should move up the depth chart.  Aside from that the offense should be leading the way.

Don’t Forget

Zach Miller, remember him??   He had a great 8-game stretch to end the season, and will give Jay Cutler another target, and no QB will complain about that.  Miller has all the tools, and should get a decent amount of volume.  If he starts out fast don’t forget you heard it here first.


Alshon Jeffery needs to stay healthy and productive this season, if the Bears have a hope of not be being a dumpster fire this season.  Sure the threat of no running game is serious, but if the Bears have to take it to the air, Jeffery will have to be a baller.

Fantasy Fruit

Whatta conundrum Jeremy Langford will put fantasy owners in on draft day.  He could be a total bomb, but he could produce first round value and be a top 10 back.  The million-dollar question is where should you draft him, and if he falls to you, should you take him.

The Bears likely won’t be playing with the lead much this season, so we may not even get a chance to see how good he is, because he won’t get the volume of a true feature.  This could be one of fantasy football’s biggest tragedies, especially if he is passed up and he goes buck-wild.  Avoid like the plague.


The Bears have an incredibly easy schedule, so they should be able to churn out about 6 wins.   Their toughest stretch  will be the final three games of the season when they face off against  Green Bay then visit Washington and Minnesota.   There are a bunch of toss up games, but if you are not a fan, it’s really not something that you’re thinking about.

This team will be bad, but an easy schedule will deflect their badness to a 6-10 record, so it could be worse. The Chicago Bears are a -4.0 point Road Underdog vs. the Houston Texans in week 1. Get more of NFL odds in the PST Daily lines section.