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This NBA Season, BUY your favorite NBA team and lock in a DOUBLE PAY every time you have a winning wager ATS (Against the Spread) on the NBA Team you purchased.

All you have to do is deposit $500 to qualify to purchase a team and you will also receive a 100% free play bonus with a 10x rollover on your deposit! 


NBA Team Purchase/Deposit Prices

Cleveland Cavaliers: $1,800

San Antonio Spurs: $1,600

Golden State Warriors: $1,200

Oklahoma City Thunder: $950

LA Clippers:  $800

Houston Rockets: $600

All Other Teams: $500

Once your deposit has been made, just contact us to tell us which team you want to buy.

*Promo ends on November 16, 2015

*Max amount that can be wagered to receive the double winnings is $500 per game

*wagers covered for the Double Pay Promotion must be Full games ATS (against the spread) on the team you bought

*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion

*Player must contact us the next day to have the Double Winning funds added to their account.

*No winnings will be added later than the very next day.