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Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship   

Golden State Warriors                   5/7

Cleveland Cavaliers                        7/2

Chicago Bulls                                     9/1

Houston Rockets                              9/1

Los Angeles Clippers                      12/1

Atlanta Hawks                                   16/1

Washington Wizards                      20/1

Memphis Grizzlies                          33/1

Odds to win 2015 Eastern Conference   

Cleveland Cavaliers                        2/3

Chicago Bulls                                     15/4

Atlanta Hawks                                   11/2

Washington Wizards                      6/1

Odds to win 2015 Western Conference

Golden State Warriors                   4/11

Houston Rockets                              5/1

Los Angeles Clippers                      6/1

Memphis Grizzlies                          16/1

2015 NBA Championship – Exact Matchup            

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors                    5/4

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers                       10/1

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Houston Rockets                               9/1

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Memphis Grizzlies                            28/1

Atlanta Hawks vs Golden State Warriors                               13/2

Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers                                  33/1

Atlanta Hawks vs Houston Rockets                                          33/1

Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies                                       90/1

Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors                                 11/2

Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Clippers                                    33/1

Chicago Bulls vs Houston Rockets                                            28/1

Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies                                         75/1

Washington Wizards vs Golden State Warriors                  17/2

Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles Clippers                     45/1

Washington Wizards vs Houston Rockets                             40/1

Washington Wizards vs Memphis Grizzlies                          100/1