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BetNow Sportsbook Review

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BetNow Sportsbook

Reputation: 4.9/5


  • BetNow is a brand new book, but they’ve already avoided many of the pitfalls of new books. They’ve done well to pay out their customers in time, they accept American action, they have solid customer service, and their site is forward thinking. All that really counts here, in terms of reputation, is that they’re doing things the right way and they are reliable.


  • They have an interesting mobile setup as well that proves they’re forward thinking and intend to have the customer’s entertainment as their main focus.


Personalization: 5/5


  • BetNow not only takes American action, but they appear to have all of their ducks in order in terms of delivering an exciting visual experience.


  • BetNow has a newer kind of a layout with optimal organization.


  • BetNow is one of the more premiere mobile betting platforms that we’ve seen. They not only have live dealers in their casinos, but they even offer mobile live dealers as well.


  • BetNow offers a sportsbook with plenty of prop bets, a racebook, and a casino as well.


Bonuses/Promotion: 5/5


  • As is especially common with newer books, BetNow offers an array of promotions and bonus incentives.


  • BetNow offers a 50% Sign-Up bonus up to $2000. Many books only offer these bonuses up to $1000


  • BetNow offers a 3x Casino Bonus


  • BetNow also offers a “Refer-A-Freind’ bonus. This is actually a critical perk because we only see this perk with books who have professional intent and capability. Always a great sign.


  • BetNow also offers Lifetime VIP reload bonuses as well.


Variety: 4.9/5


  • BetNow offers action on all of the major sports, and many minor sports, as well . Plenty variety. Very convenient.


  • BetNow has all of the standard bets available as well as a whole host of prop bets. “1st to score,” “Last to score,” “1st to 5pts”, “1st to 10pts,” etc. For those of you prop bettors out there looking for that little bit of extra entertainment, BetNow has your back.


  • BetNow doesn’t yet have a poker room.


Site Layout: 5/5


  • We found BetNow had a very normal layout. Not too busy, not too boring. It’s exciting, well organized, and you find everything where you’d expect it to be. Well done.


  • We often find newer books with cheap development or simply “stenciled” layouts. BetNow definitely took their time and energy and invested in a site that would look good and function well.


Sign Up Simplicity: 4.8/5


  • Sign-up options were Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, bank wires, Western Union and Money Gram.


  • We don’t like deposit fees. With that said, their fees are within normal ranges of what you’d typcially find in books that take a deposit fee; also, they do offer a fee-free option if you opt in using direct deposit.


Pay Out Simplicity: 4.8/5


  • There are a variety of withdrawal options but some fees may apply depending on the method of withdrawal.


  • The most important factor is that they pay-out, and that they do it timely. BetNow gets full marks on both of these points, and it’s the main factor that we look at before endorsing any book.


Customer Service: 4.8/5


  • BetNow offers 24/7 customer support.


  • BetNow offers phone support, and they do offer email support as well, but they don’t yet have the ‘above-and-beyond’ option of a live-chat option.


Mobile/Accessibility: 5/5


  • BetNow is highly mobile friendly; in fact, it might be tough to find a book better suited in this category. Full marks.


Overall Impressions: 5/5


  • BetNow is brand new to the scene, but so far it’s looking like they’re paying attention to all the right things and that they’re making sure they’re offering us maximum entertainment.


  • We love their Prop Bets. They’re very simply laid out and neatly organized. This is an area that’s often overlooked by many books but you’ll definitely find your fill here.


  • Bottom line? BetNow is trustworthy, fun to bet with, and we’re certain that they’ll gain themselves an excellent reputation moving forwards into the future. They’re paying attention to all the right things, and so long as they keep this trajectory, we are certain that they’ll be around a long time.



Total Score: 49.2/50