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We accept Visa/Mastercard Credit, Visa/Mastercard Debit.

Fees:  There are no fees charges to deposit money with your Credit card.

Transaction Time: Immediate.

Limit:  Limits may vary according to your location and after you have sent full documentation of your credit card.

Important :  Minimum deposit is $50

The Financial Instrument you use to fund your account must match the account Information you registered. No third party deposits are permitted.




We use the leading providers of international person-to-person money transfers.

Fees: We will reimburse fees on deposits of $250 or more. Feed will be credited in your free play balance.

Deposit Limit: 

  1. Minimum Deposit: $50
  2. Maximum Deposit: $840 per day.

Transaction Time: Average wait time is 30 minutes. Please make sure to contact us on live help with the confirmation number after the money transfer has been sent or call our customer services 1-888-464-2387.

Important : Cash can be sent from any Person 2 Person agent location. You can also use your major credit card over the phone or online with all processors. The max amount to be sent will be set by our processor please confirm with us before sending.



Skrill is an online eWallet that allows you instantly deposit and withdraw using cards or bank transfers. All that is needed is an email address.

SKRILL accepts Credit Cards and Bank Transfers.

Fees: There are no fees charged to transfer money by moneybookers.

Limit: Depending on your user status in Moneybookers.

Transaction Time: Immediate.

Important : For Non-US Players Only


EZVoucherEZ Voucher is an online deposit method in which you just simply register a Paste and Pay account, purchase your voucher online using your credit card, enter your 36 digit voucher number and amount to instantly redeem your voucher for its full value.

Fees: Customer will be charged a onetime fee of $5 for opening an account. The micropayment amount is refunded back to the customer card when they do the verification.

Deposit Limit:

  1. Minimum Deposit: $50
  2. Maximum Deposit: $500 per day. (a customer can purchase 4 vouchers to the maximum combined amount of $500 within a 24hour period)



  1. Must have a valid cell phone number
  2. Able to check the C.C. statement ONLINE