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Benefits of Using Spread Stats When Betting

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Spread betting uses the same principles like financial spread betting. The person betting is invited to test predictions made by a broker through betting lower or higher on that specific prediction. Losses or profits are normally calculated based on how wrong or right you are about the result.

What is the difference between fixed odds and spread betting?

Instead of the bet being settled based on simple lose or win scenarios, like in a fixed odds scenario, spread betting on a game calculates losses or profits based on how effective your predictions are. This means that the more results go in your favor, the more money you are eligible to win. Similarly, if results go against you, it is possible to lose much more than the original stake.

Why you should spread bet

Spread betting is very lucrative and offers a lot more benefits that are not possible with other kinds of betting. Here are some of the top reasons you should spread bet using stats from

There is a broader choice of betting options – With spread betting you not only get more betting choices, you are also given more in-play betting options. Actually, during live games, you can cash out a bet, to either limit losses or secure profits, and also open a new bet. In addition, spread betting does not offer any liquidity limitations as seen when using exchange betting.

Great potential for winning – Provided you are using the best stats from, you stand a chance of winning cash from your bets. With the traditional fixed odds bet, you either lose or win. Even if the outcome goes greatly in your favor, you will still receive the same amount of money compared to if it won by a very small margin. In contrast, you stand to get more earnings from spread betting as your winnings will increase each time your team scores.

Less risky than you may think – With spread betting, the user controls how risky they want their betting to be. Through controlling your stake size, you are effectively managing the level of risk you’re willing to bear. Basically, you have more control over how much risk to take.

It is not a must to win – A fixed odds bet has only two results, with one being a win and the other a loss. Spread betting has the benefit of being profitable even when a person does not get the desired results.

Better value for your money – Compared to fixed odds bets, spread betting offers better value for your investment. You get more options for your spread betting after checking out stats at

More balanced markets – After doing research at you will discover that you have better odds to play with. This is because bookies do not make money from charging significantly higher odds, but rather earn from the spread.

Higher rewards – When your prediction is correct, you stand to earn more winnings as compared to other types of bets. In fact, there is an unlimited amount of cash you can win with spread betting. For instance, if the team you bet on continues scoring goals, then it is possible to make a lot of cash from just a very small wager.

Great leverage – Spread betting with the right information will guarantee better leverage than traditional fixed odd wager. This leverage means that you do not even need to wager large amounts so as to see big profits on your initial investment. This means you money can last longer than with traditional betting since you only need to bet small amounts.

More exciting – Based on numerous reviews and feedback from people who participate in spread betting, this is the most exciting way to bet. This is because your profits are unlimited, opening you up to new possibilities. However, losses are also unlimited, thus you must be careful.

You can reduce risks using stop-losses – An important benefit of spread betting is that it is possible to minimize risks using stop losses. You can even set up stop-losses so that your bet automatically closes once you lose a specific amount of cash. Nevertheless, these stop-losses are different based on the type of sports. A good example is that stop-losses are higher when betting on cricket games as compared to football.

Finally, spread betting companies are monitored and under strict regulations, which means your cash is more secure when placing a bet. To improve your chances of winning, use the spread stats at