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BASEBALL PITCHING VALUE: Top Five Most Valuable Pitchers This Season

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Every year about this time pitchers across the board really start showing themselves for who they are statistically and with a three month sampling, we can remove the blinders and dive in on legit analysis to draw conclusions on which pitchers are truly providing value and which pitchers are slipping down the positional ranking chart.  Let’s focus on the positive and remember present value is assessed relative to draft position and should not be considered any other way.


MARCO ESTRADA – Toronto Blue Jays


Don’t sleep on Estrada in the 2nd half, especially once the Jays bats get going.  A sub three ERA at almost a K/inning rate is hard to find and one must look at the list of elite aces to find such a stat.  With only five wins on the season, there’s certainly room for improvement, but those should come in due time.  If all of the other ratio stats hold including a 0.99 WHIP Estrada could be a top 10 pitcher when all is said and done.  Pretty amazing considering he was ranked as the 105th best pitcher by YAHOO FANTASY behind Anibal Sanchez and Jose Berrios… ouch!


DREW POMERANZ – San Diego Padres


Pomeranz who is a top 20 starter in the majors right now, has a very robust 7/2.76/1.13 stat line with 102 Ks in 88 innings.  The 7 wins is impressive, considering the offense and defense he has backing him…  Join the club if you’re not sure if this will continue, but there’s a possibility Pomeranz could be the principle in a trade to a contender.  Either way pat yourself on the back, because you likely drafted Pomeranz super late if at all.  This is a prime example of why you should scour the waiver consistently in the hopes finding your own blue bird.


RICH HILL – Oakland A’s


Rich Hill who is seemingly over the hill has played like anything but an oft-injured pitcher attempting one more comeback on the back-nine of his career.  Hill and Pomeranz have pretty much the same stat line, with Hill miraculously having the edge in wins with 24 fewer innings.  Hill continues to be an injury risk, but the K rate and 1.13 WHIP are good , and there is no question you are getting tremendous value from Hill regardless of where or how you got them.


STEVEN WRIGHT – Boston Red Sox


If someone told you that a starter other than David Price would be the ace of this staff you likely would’ve scoffed, and publically shamed.  The truth is  Wright was ranked higher than the last two on this list pre-season and is now outperforming  both Hill and Pomeranz easily ranking  ahead of the so far this season.  Digression seems like a certainty as good as he’s been, so current owners  may look into a sell high option on the trade market.


MICHAEL FULMER – Detroit Tigers


Congratulations to all fantasy owners, who were patient enough to see if Fulmer was legit.  The answer to that is an overwhelming yes as evidence to season stats that have him ranked ahead of the likes of  Cole Hamels, and John Lackey.  Fulmer’s 8/2.17/1.09 season long stat line is quite impressive considering the dis-order in Detroit right now.  The sample size for Fulmer is still  too small, but his K/inning per and low WHIP elude to the idea that Fulmer has complete control when he takes the mound.  Hold tight with Fulmer and monitor your expectations.


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