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Bad Beat (2015-12-01)
We all know the eleventh commandment, thou shall never wager on the current rendition of the Cleveland Browns…However, there is one exception to therule and that is when you’re in a contest and you MUST pick a winner on MNF……So when our contest numbers came out last Tuesday, I held my nose and

took the Browns at -2 vs another bad team, the Ravens…

Now we get to the heart of the matter….

The Browns have limited talent, they’ve had injuries, but what cost us on MNF was their so called coach Mike Pettine..

If you remember it was 27-27 with eight seconds to go and the Browns were on the Ravens 32, WITH A TIMEOUT IN THEIR POCKET…


Cleveland’s kicker Coons is 18-18 on the season but he does not have a strong leg, his longest filed goal being from 49…

So what does Pettine do, well he calls a run and will you please explain that one…..Wouldn’t a short pass be more reliable if you need four or five yards to set

Coons up for a winning field goal…

Anyway as you know, the run failed to gain an inch and Coons kick from 50 was blocked and the Ravens ran it back for the winning TD….

If the kick is good, my -2 is a winning play, instead we lose.

Folks, Mike Pettine doesn’t seem to have a clue and my guess is he’s not back in 2016…Until then, remember the ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT!!!!!