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Did You Like This?

By Des Boodam


The 2018 NFL draft has come and gone, and teams obtaining offensive pieces in record numbers.  With five QBs going in the first round, and several teams trading up to obtain players there’s a boat load to analyze, and there most certainly will be a fantasy impact for years to come.  In future articles I will break down specifically the 2018 QB class as well as other “must haves” at impact positions, while finally landing on additional players that may or may not be in unique situations to fail or succeed, which undoubtedly will require us to monitor their rolls through training camp.  Let’s take a look at how a few teams did and how their draft may impact veteran players.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No help for Jameis


Let’s get one thing out of the way while I’m thinking about it.  Sometimes it’s not who you draft, but who you don’t draft that will shape the direction of your team for the next few years.  Jameis Winston is NOT good enough to lead his team with Mike Evans as his only offensive weapon.  There’s no running game and no legit #2.  And no, Cameron Brate is not good enough.



New York Giants – Barkley or Bust


Giants fans are super excited about Saquon Barkley, but I’m not sure why.  He had only three 100 yard games last season and they were all coming off the by and he lead college in carries resulting in negative yards.  He was also average against good teams, while playing behind a decent O-line.  Speaking of O-lines, the Giants had one of the worst in the league last year, so don’t expect Zeke numbers.  ODB Jr. will help stretch the defense, BUT it won’t be enough for Barkley to exceed fantasy expectations.  Let’s keep a close eye on his camp


Seattle Seahawks – See above


The decision to draft Rashaad Penny is baffling at best.  The Seahawks had a handful of serviceable RBs last season and couldn’t keep them healthy… why you ask?  Because their O-line was disgusting – and it still is… I’m curious to see what has changed, especially after losing so many defensive pieces in the off-season.


Cleveland Browns – So??  How did it go??


Not bad, but not great either – that’s my grade.  They took the most controversial QB of the bunch, quite possibly because they are gluttons for punishment.  Mayfield would’ve been available at #4 – so in essence they should’ve traded out of #1 to grab another top ten pick and another 2nd rounder. It just made no sense – I love Nick Chubb at the top of the 2nd round meaning Barkley was not on their radar.  Why can’t they draft better?


New England Patriots – The Mystique continues


The Patriots were active on the trade block again trading up and down, while making nine picks.  They filled some holes and built a ton of depth on the defensive side of the ball.  I loved their move to trade up to acquire O-linemen Isaiah Wynn with the 23rd pick overall.  With that many picks, and none of them throw aways the draft grade is high… which it hasn’t always been.


There is so much more to unpack here with this draft. So just constantly be thinking once your fantasy football cap is on, there’s a lot going on.