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March 28th, 2018

By Des Boodam


Easy pitching strategy here… there are 12 elite pitchers and if balance is the name of the game for you, than you want to grab two of them.  In a recent expert league as I prepare to defend my championship I had the #8 overall pick, which is disgusting.  I had no idea how this was going to go, because it’s impossible to predict what stats the others in the league are going to value.  The guy choosing 7th overall is my nemesis, but I have mad respect for him, because he gets it, and drafts value every year, and competes every year as well. 

It was bad for me because I knew on that side of the draft, I wasn’t going to get any value picks, because he would gobble up the most valuable player.  That didn’t’ happen this year, as he took Clayton Kershaw with the 7th pick overall.  Good on him!!!  I’m going premium offense in the first round every year, because offense is tougher to find than pitching.  So I went Betts in the first round knowing that regardless of who fell to me I was going offense again.  I was sad to see Sale, Scherzer and Kluber go before it came back to me.  I went Aaron Judge with the 17th overall pick. 

My nemesis went Noah Syndergaard, going pitcher pitcher to start.  In fact he went Madison Bumgarner in the 4th round securing 3 of the top 12 starters in the majors, but I know you see the problem – NO OFFENSE.  Two other teams didn’t take a starter until the 8th round – but their offenses are stacked.  I know they are going to mine for pitching so not to squander their amazing offenses.  As for me… after my second round — we went Luis Sevrino in the 3rd, and Carlos Carrasco in the 4th

I followed with a high upside Lance McCullers later on a stacked bullpen.  I know I may not dominate any single statistical category but rest assured BALANCE is the name of the game, and I will challenge every single category offensive and pitching.  Get two of these 12 pitchers and you will have it made in the shade, but promise me you’ll get at least one.


#1.  Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers

He has the second best stuff in the majors still – but is a beacon of fantasy dependability


#2. Corey Kluber – Cleveland Indians

First in wins, first in WHIP and third in Ks, what else do you need to know


#3. Chris Sale – Boston Red Sox

Great regular season pitcher – so much movement on his fastball and behind a great



#4. Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals

Great K-rate as usual, I fear a major burn-out for him this season.


#5. Noah Syndergaard – New York Mets

Best stuff in the majors – just a bit of a health risk.


#6. Luis Severino – New York Yankees

230 Ks in less than 200 innings is stud worthy, mix in the ratio stats and Severino could be a top five pitcher this season


#7. Stephen Strasburg – Washington Nationals

Nice K rate, 2.50 ERA and a WHIP above one.  I do think he’s reached his ceiling however


#8. Carlos Carrasco – Cleveland Indians

Health is a major concern, but his upside combined with that line up makes him hard to pass up.


#9. Jacob DeGrom – New York Mets

ERA and WHIP are bit high but Wins and K-rate are top shelf


#10. Robbie Ray – Arizona Diamondbacks

Hasn’t hit ceiling yet, but also hasn’t been doing it for long enough.


#11. Madison Bumgarner – San Francisco Giants

Never good to start the season missing time – so I’m fading… Bum is great enough to make me pay for this decision


#12. Yu Darvish – Chicago Cubs

He will put his horrid playoffs behind him.  Pitches in a weaker offensive position and still has a killer stat line.  I’m buying the fresh start.