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March 23rd, 2018

 By DES Boodam


The theme for this position is “don’t panic”… you have time here and I’m going to pose a couple of hypotheticals to put things into to context.  You want Kris Bryant right? And why not, because the right player drafted at the wrong time, is the wrong player.  It’s all about value… and Kris Bryant has a bunch but only in the right round or at the right price.  Here’s Bryant’s line…  111/29/73/.409 with 7 steals.  Now check out this line… 81/25/100/.403 with 7 steals. 

So you’re giving up 30 runs a few bombs and a few OBP points, while gaining 17 RBIs.  Runs are easier to find than RBIs so their value there, but there’s also value in the fact that this line belongs to Anthony Rendon, who plays in a great line-up and can be gotten several rounds later.  That’s right, you can anchor down on a different position, and take your 3B several rounds later while focusing on runs later on in the draft with speed guys. 

The position is deep, and after Arenado goes, you really have to show great resolve before just jumping at the best name out there.  There are a bunch of other 3Bs that have multiple position eligibility as well, which should factor in.


#1 – Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies

This is a hands down no brainer that is not worthy of my explanation.  Arenado: 3rd in runs, 3rd in HRs, 1st in HRs, and 4th in OBP for those with a minimum 500 ABs amongst 3Bs.


#2 – Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

Likeable if not loveable  — just don’t reach – because there’s better value out there if it’s power that you are looking for.  Runs and OBP take him late first or early 2nd round.


#3 – Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians

He’s a top 20 offensive player in the league regardless of position.  He’s in a great lineup and young.  Progression instead of regression should be expected.


#4 – Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays

I love J-Don for a bounce back.  Hard nosed player that’s fun to root for especially if you get him late 2nd round early 3rd.


#5 – Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles

Not a fan of the low OBP, but I’m expecting a good bounce back as Machado, seemed to never get in rhythm last year.  33 bombs with an uptick in counting stats I’ll take that in the late 2nd round.


#6 – Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers

Nothing out of the ordinary for Turner as he’s an OBP machine.  He’s nursing a wrist fracture that should keep him out a month at least, so he’s a fade for me.


#7 – Alex Bregmann, Houston Astros

Break out was last year, break through is this year.  He could be a top five 3B by years end, and he steals bases as well.


#8 – Jake Lamb – Arizona Diamondbacks

Lamb is one of those guys that sheepishly leads his team in hitting without being noticed.  He plays in a hitters park behind Goldschmidt and AJ Pollock.  He should be a top ten 3B on that alone.


#9 – Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals.

As a Rendon owner, I’m telling you, he’s streaky.  He’ll rip of monster games for a week, then disappear for two.  Great lineup but streakiness is exhausting.


#10- Travis Shaw, Milwaukee Brewers

Shaw doesn’t kill you in any category.  He was a top ten 3B last season, but for someone reason I’m non-committal.  He’s a pure hitter who steals, plays in a good line up… and won’t drag down your OBP… don’t scoff.