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March 25th, 2018

By Des Boodam


There are so many good outfielders this season, it’s really important to firm up your strategy at this position, so you can extract value at each tier.  For me it’s all about value, so if two good OF’s fall to you in the first two rounds you have to snatch them up.  If another position that isn’t as deep falls to you, and you’re forced to reach, that’s not so bad.  The key is to have a plan. 

There are two types of useful OF’s.  The first one contributes in 4-5 stats. The second tier contributes in 1-2 stats.  Billy Hamilton is a good example. Runs and Steals.  Others like Adam Duvall will get you 30 bombs 100 RBIs with nothing else.  Is there a place for those guys??  Of course there is – you just need to make sure they are complimentary players to your initial strategy.  If you are going heavy power first Judge/Stanton than you need to hit up speed later Cameron Maybin/Byron Buxton. 

Consequently if you Charlie Blackmon in round one, you can get by with a Lorenzo Cain later on.  Here are 10 outfielders you should target… be sure to get one.


#1. Mike Trout – Anaheim Angels

This is a no brainer, slam dunk.  I won an expert league last season taking Trout first overall and he missed 10 weeks, and still almost won the MVP. 


#2. Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies

It’s really a matter of preference here.  I like the balance I get with OBP, runs and steals, plus 35+ bombs.


#3. Gincarlo Stanton – New York Yankees

He’ll hit 20 more bombs than Blackmon, and have 25 more RBIs, so you’ll have to find steals somewhere else, but 50 HR potential shouldn’t be passed up.


#4. Aaron Judge – New York Yankees

Pretty much even with Stanton – they are only slightly better than each other in each major stat.  You get a few more steals with Judge, and a few more bombs with Stanton, but I like the uptick in RBIs from Stanton, even though Aaron Judge’s OBP off –sets.  I also expect some regression here.


#5. Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals

When healthy, he’s as good as anyone, he’s just reckless, which is bothersome to me.  He did average 150 ABs less than Judge and Stanton so there’s that.


#6. Mookie Betts – Boston Red Sox

Betts is good – he just can’t pile up the power stats like the top 5 players, but his speed is there.  He is a your stereotypical five-tool contributor.


#7. Kris Bryant – Chicago Cubs


We’ve come to know Bryant a 3B, but now that he has OF eligibility he’s got some notable value, especially because 3B is deep this year.  If Bryant falls to you when the other seven are gone and you don’t want another position, than he’s your guy.  Much like Betts with fewer steals, but a higher OBP.


#8. J.D. Martinez – Boston Red Sox

I’d love to see more runs, and more RBIs from a guy that drops 45 bombs, but the .375 OBP is nice.  You might get ½ dozen steals too, but HRs are what you are targeting with the 8th best outfielder in fantasy.


#9. Domingo Santana – Milwaukee Brewers

Santana is an amazing lineup and if bats 4th, behind Braun, Broxton and Thames, but before Shaw, Yelich and Cain look out.  He will see all types of great pitches and have all kinds of opportunities to pile up stats.


#10.  George Springer – Houston Astros

30+ bombs and 110 runs is nice.  He steals and gets on base, but batting lead off killed his RBI numbers.  If he bats 2-4 I see an uptick in all counting stats.  Don’t sleep on Springer.