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2017 Super Millions Poker Open Underway

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The 2017 Super Millions Poker Open is off to a running start at Bodog Poker. The first events on the 105-tournament schedule have already been completed; there are three more tourneys on Thursday’s schedule, with a total of $34,000 in guaranteed prize money waiting to be won. 

Play the 2017 Super Millions Poker Open at Bodog Poker.

Thursday’s action kicks off at 8:03 PM ET with Event #18, the $20,000 Gtd Super Stack, where players start with 5,000 chips in their stacks. Event #19, the $10,000 Gtd at 9:03 PM, starts even deeper at 10,000 chips. No-limit Texas Hold’em is the name of the game for both tournaments. As a general rule, if you’re going to go all-in with a big stack, make sure you’re drawing to the nuts if you don’t already have the best hand.

The night wraps up with a very special tournament: the only fixed-limit Omaha Hi/Lo event on the SMPO schedule. Event #20 at 10:03 PM ET is a $4,000 Gtd Turbo with starting stacks once again set at 10,000 chips. Fixed-limit is the classic betting structure for Omaha Hi/Lo; the Turbo format will keep the action rolling as the blinds go up and more of those giant stacks get pushed into the middle. 

Play the 2017 SMPO at Bodog Poker.